Printed music X good glass - double cup / glass sea bream / wonderland blue

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Printed inBlooom X Good glass goodglass, the first joint project. Combining the glass craftsmanship of Handmade Glass with the hand-made glass craftsmanship, and the printing of the elements of Taiwan's land, the characteristics and expertise of the tw



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Printed music X good glass - double cup / glass sea bream / wonderland blue


**Choose 2 models and enter the designated discount code "2glass0926" to enjoy the $990 price.** **Choose any of the 4 models and enter the designated discount code "4glass09" to enjoy the $1980 price.** **You can enjoy the free option if you choose 2 bonuses; choose 4 pieces, and add 1 piece of housework.** **:::: Product Description:::::** Printed inBlooom X Good Glass GOODGLAS, the first joint project. Combine the glass craftsmanship that Boli insists on by hand, and the prints that draw the elements of Taiwan’s land as patterns. Capturing the characteristics and expertise of both, turning the design of the ingenuity into a classic and interesting. Jumping only pursues the only standard that the glass is clear and clear. Find new focus between classics and fun, because it's practical to go deep into every day of life. A glass that is easy to use all year round, using classic and representative glass sea otters and Taiwanese starlings. Let the two glasses be painted elegantly and play with light makeup. Regardless of time or season, pick up and use at any time, whether it is alone or when friends and family meet, Have a good time with you to enjoy a drink. **::::: Pattern introduction:::::** Glass sea bream Glass sea bream, cross, diamond, jellyfish... Taiwan's glass old flower window, with a variety of embossed patterns, not only protects the privacy of the house, but also creates a decorative landscape. When the light penetrates the glazed light of the glass window, it now looks full of time. **::::: product features::::** - Drinking hot drinks is not hot, drink cold drinks and do not condense water droplets. - Heat resistant to 120 ° ° C, can also be used with peace of mind. - Hold the glass window in your hand and collect the classic pattern. - No condensation, no wet hands and tables. - No need for coasters - ice cubes are not easy to melt, and the taste of the drinks does not change. Color: Wonderland Blue **::::: Product specifications:::::** Material | Handmade Boron Glass Dimensions | Diameter 8.5cm x Height 10.5cm Capacity|300ml Weight|170g Place of Origin | Taiwan **::::: Washing and precautions :::::** ● Heat resistant to 120 degrees °C ● Do not put in the microwave and dishwasher. ● Avoid using corrosive detergents. ● Each piece is hand-shaped, if some manual traces and bubbles are normal. The color of the product is mainly based on the actual product, and the color difference of the web page is for reference only.


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