Inlaid glass handmade frosted glass begonia flower glass small ore white crystal long version incense holder

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Inlaid glass handmade frosted glass begonia flower glass small ore white crystal long version incense holder


"One session, one meeting, cherish and grasp every rare and precious encounter in life." Using all the more waste glass as the material, I hope to combine the old glass that is about to be lost with the traditional inlaid glass and kiln-fired hot-melt glass. The feel of temperature and the concept of fusion of old and new, use another way to connect and preserve childhood memories and the trajectory of years, know how to cherish resources, cherish good fortune and love things, and achieve balance in life, slowly explore and create different waste media ♻️ Recycled Jewelry and living utensils. • It is made of patterned glass for old windows that are common in early Taiwanese classics. Due to the age, the old glass will inevitably have traces of time and paint marks. The beauty of these historical witnesses will be preserved in its original flavor. Every inlaid glass work is cut. , WH grinding, Bronze foil, solder, Wax polished multi complicated process, we can hope to regain childhood memories. • -Inlaid glass ore series: small mine white crystal incense holder -Handmade, length can be adjusted. -The store also sells short incense holders, customers can make short incense / long incense incense holders, please private message to discuss! -It is recommended to use a small soft brush to wipe gently when removing surface dust. -Each piece of natural stone is unique, with unique textures, unique colors, natural impurities, mineral marks, cracks, and other natural defects. These are all normal phenomena. You can accept them before you place an order. - Material: Small white crystal ore, Begonia flower glass, Bronze foil, solder -Size (flat/cm): Approximately: 27 x 4 x 1.5 -Reminder: Since it is a glass product, please pick it up and check it immediately after arrival. If you have any questions, contact us immediately (you may not be able to accept shipping compensation without notice on the same day.), and then help you follow up and deal with it. Thank you for your cooperation. • • ∎ The inlaid glass works are all handmade by the designer. Each product is unique and cannot be mass-produced. ∎ The embossed glass is a fragile material, which can not withstand any breakage and heavy pressure. Please be careful to avoid falling to the ground when using it. ∎ Each product is designed and manufactured by hand. A slight difference is normal. The outline of the frame is hand-soldered, and slight unevenness or bumps are normal and not a defect. ∎ solder will oxidize day long is not a dark gloss, which is its property, you can play it regularly Wax maintenance. ∎ For slight soiling, just wipe it with a soft cloth slightly moistened, then wipe it with a soft dry cloth and keep it dry. ∎ The store uses simple environmentally friendly packaging. We don't want to over-package. Fragile products will strengthen the packaging. If there is any damage to the received product, please contact the designer immediately and take pictures. ∎ If you need customized service, please contact the designer.


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