Red flower stay gold safe bag + extended version adjustable nipple clip combination

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Specially used for hot stamping and wind patterns, and it is beautiful and not used on weekdays~ Please click here for details.


Hwatokki Handmade

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Red flower stay gold safe bag + extended version adjustable nipple clip combination


[product design features] ※ Peace bag / amulet bag: Take the children to worship the blessings for the peace of mind / amulet, you can carry it in your bag and keep it safe. Of course, you can also put Buddha cards, crosses, lucky things, etc. to protect your children from peace and joy. ※ nipple clip / toy chain / solid tooth strap: I often see a few nipples and toy belts around the baby sitting in the stroller on the road, feeling safe doubts. Huatu specially designed a multi-purpose lengthening zipper, which can be used as a nipple clip, a toy chain or a solid toothed device, and the length can be adjusted according to the use. **The spot can be adjusted in two-step length. If the mother feels that it is not enough, she can play a female button for free and become a third-order.** ※ Specially selected hot stamping and wind patterns, and it is beautiful and not used on weekdays~ ※ The inside is covered with thick cloth, and the items are smooth and not stuck. When changing clothes in the bath, the nipple clip is convenient and does not hurt the baby's fine clothing. **The price is the price of a safe bag + a nipple clip** **Limited set, unique** **Any problem can be private message rabbit ~ Thank you** 【size】 ※ The safety bag is about 6*6cm↑, and the total length of the nipple clip is about 6cm↑ ※ Extended version adjustable second-stage nipple clip total length of about 37~40cm (within 1 cm error) [Material and Washing] Bronzed cotton cloth, silk thick satin cloth, nipple clip fastener Immerse it in a neutral lotion solution when it is dirty, squeeze it gently, then rinse it off with water, do not wash it. After washing, put it in a towel and squeeze it to dry and dry. [Flower rabbit hand made the original intention and small 叮咛] ◎ Hand works and the transmission of love is the original intention of the flower hand rabbit to start selling hand works. ◎The sales income is used in the rabbits to feed and rescue the waves. ◎I wish to make the world a better place with the power of small bean sprouts~ ◎Hand sewing with one stitch and one thread may have some imperfections. ◎Everyone has different screen settings, so the actual product and the screen display may have a slight color difference. ◎Handmade, perfectionist for color and work, please think twice before buying. ◎On Saturdays and Sundays, the family day and materials procurement will be processed for one day, and will not be shipped (except for special orders). ◎ Part-time non-exempt orders, if there is a specified time limit arrival date, please confirm the order before the order, do not place the order directly, can not be allocated a reasonable meeting. ◎ Non-24 hours online, please contact us if you have any questions, wait patiently, and you will reply and deal with it in the first time!


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