Italian leather wallet series-envelope fuchsia

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Italian leather wallet series-envelope fuchsia


[The leather used in this work is the finest Italian shoulder manufactured by Tempesti, Italy. “The more you use it, the more beautiful it will be.” In consideration of long-term use, we selected the most suitable material. ] It is a high quality double shoulder made by Tempesti Co., a long-established Tanner in Tuscany where many tanners gather. It features a bright color dyed with a transparent dye. In addition, it is also characterized by easy aging. As it is used, it is rubbed and aged to create a moist, deep and beautiful luster. It will change beautifully as you use it, so it will be fun to have a wallet. *Material: Tannin tanned adult cow leather (highest grade Italian leather) *Size: T110 x W200 x D35 mm (Please allow some errors) *Leather: A leather with a firm thickness, a matte feel and a dyed, transparent feel. *Color: Fuchsia (leather that you can enjoy aging. It will change to a deeper color due to friction and aging) We made a long wallet in the shape of an envelope from the finest Italian leather finished with "tanning tanning", a tanning method that has been used since ancient times. It is a size that can be stored securely without folding bills and can hold a passbook. There are 4 pockets for card insertion, 2 for vertical insertion and 2 for horizontal insertion. The side pockets are made larger, so you can store non-standard point cards. [What is Nume leather?] Leather tanned with vegetable tannins (in short, "astringent"). The tannins of plants have the property of being linked to the collagen component contained in the "skin", and this property is used to remove the collagen content from the skin to tan the skin and finish it into "leather". The "skin" is the one that has been stripped from the creature. As it is, collagen will harden or rot. This is done by "tanning" to make "leather". Modern leather tanning is generally called chrome tanning, which uses a chemical component called chrome. However, recently, the attractiveness of plant tanned leather has been attracting attention. [What are the advantages of tannin tanned leather? ] It is not a stable material like chrome tanning, but it is a material that you can enjoy changes. It's not perfect when it's picked up, but it's also a material that grows in love over time. Made from ancient times, the material is astringent of skin and plants. It is especially recommended for those who are particular about natural materials. [The metal fittings are made of solid brass as much as possible] Like leather, the more you use it, the more it tastes. Due to the tightness of the leather at the beginning of use, the metal fittings may feel hard and difficult to close, but they will become familiar as you use them. The spring hook also wears, so if you make it easier to close it from the beginning, the hook may loosen in a short period of time. Origin/Production method Origin: Japan Handmade


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*Nume leather long wallet in the shape of an envelope* This is made with only one piece of leather that is currently available. We can make several pieces, but it is difficult to obtain additional pieces of the same leather, so we will stop ordering as soon as the leather is exhausted. Those who are considering it as soon as possible!


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