Joint model - OGG x Nizio small mushroom growth towel / bathrobe - sea fun

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The small mushroom bath towel is made in cooperation with the towel workshop in Taiwan with 50 years of experience in towel weaving. It is woven from natural raw cotton yarn without dyeing and bleaching without chemical desizing. Avoid chemical damage to y



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Joint model - OGG x Nizio small mushroom growth towel / bathrobe - sea fun


**Joint model: OGG x Nizio small mushroom raw cotton yarn towel/bathroom** **Starting from the newborn, all the way to primary school! The smartest, multi-purpose baby grows bath towels.** The design of the small mushroom bath towel allows you to easily bathe your newborn baby, as well as a baby towel. When you grow up, you can also use it as a bathrobe cloak. The joint model adds a new intimate design, combined with OGG's illustration negative ion gauze series! Conceived in black and white, let the baby start visual enlightenment at birth, and match our carefully selected negative ion gauze to make the towel more deodorant and antibacterial. __Function one [Apron]: Help your baby to bathe without worrying that your mother's body will get wet.__ __Function 2 [bath towel]: Select non-dyed cotton, use enzyme to de-slurry, no chemical softener, not afraid of baby skin allergies, super absorbent, easy to dry the body.__ __Function three [bag towel]: patented buckle design, easy to wear towel.__ __Function four [Bathrobe]: Oversized design, the baby will be able to use the bathrobe after walking, accompanying the baby to grow.__ Mommy mode: When helping a newborn baby to take a bath, the patented buckle ring design of the small mushroom towel is buckled at the back of the neck to help the baby to take a bath towel without leaving the body. Baby mode: Small mushroom bath towel can also be used as a newborn towel, wrapped in the picture, and finally the patent buckle is buckled to the back of the baby's neck, you're done! Children's mode: After growing up, the small mushroom transforms again and becomes a function of a bathrobe. Whether it is after bathing or swimming, all the way to accompany the baby to grow. Material: Negative ion printing table cloth + 100% cotton Size: 110X120 CM How to maintain small mushroom bath towels: 1. The new towel should be washed before use to remove excess surface batt and bacteria. 2. The towel should be kept dry at all times to avoid licking the bacteria and causing spots or hardening of the towel. 3. The towel is a fiber fabric. If placed in a poorly ventilated place, it is easy to produce bacteria, produce odor and have a slippery feeling. 4. It is recommended that when the towel is cleaned, it can be washed with a neutral detergent and dried immediately after washing. ***If you need to give gifts** __Remarkable gift - with nizio Afu doll "Powder Young" gift bag *1__ __add - gift box packaging (gift box + gift bag + gift card + ribbon)__>>


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