Ping An [Discourse Series Color Key Ring] American Retro Hotel Key Card 14 Colors

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The Blessing Project
The Blessing Project
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พลาสติก ที่ห้อยกุญแจ สีน้ำเงิน - Ping An [Discourse Series Color Key Ring] American Retro Hotel Key Card 14 Colors


✨💡__**NEW! 14 new colors in the whole series**__💡✨ The shape and size of [Discourse Series Color Key Ring] is a re-enactment of the previous American hotel key cards. Many hotels use this style. The key cards are large and wide, easy to see and easy to hold. Each hotel will have a key tag of its own color, and often choose a brighter color, so that guests will not easily forget it! The name of the hotel is written in small English characters on it, and the big number in the middle is the room number. The blessing plan is an extension of the original concept.__key card has a unique #keyword to bring out the beautiful qualities in our life, life, and faith.__ In terms of design, we use the "Chinese characters" that Blessing Project loves very much to present, and we like the direct and intuitive energy of Chinese!__from evangelistic gifts that are mostly presented in English, Chinese characters are immediately recognizable and easily connected by Chinese. For foreigners, it is a unique gift!__ ⁣The number above is the best-selling and most read book of all ages - the Bible. In specific books and chapters, the meaning and wisdom of this keyword are recorded. The key ring that is carried around every day, naturally integrates words of encouragement into life, brings out reminders at every moment, and lives the beauty of life together! **Words are mighty,** **Let the truth be everywhere in your life✨** __*This new model debut, plus key ring buckle upgrade 🎉__ __Thickness, texture, durability Up! The bottom card in the package is a sticker :)__ **[Discourse series 🔑color key ring]** ▪️One piece 188 yuan ▪️A total of 14 models (14 colors) in the whole series __firmness/purity/courage/strongness/joy/peace/abundance__ __Faith / Liberty / Hope / Gratitude / Grace / Wisdom / Goodness__ /About the key ring/ - Material: Plastic - Dimensions: 4.5cm x 9cm - Remark: ① There is a circular buckle in the package. Due to the flatness of the package and the protection of transportation, please assemble it by yourself after receiving it. ②The main body of the key ring is made of plastic. During the process of production, packaging and transportation, there may be slight scratches on the surface, which is not a defect. If you can't accept it, please don't place an order. ③Due to the shooting of the product and the color setting of each screen, there may be color difference between the entity and the picture depending on the situation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ **: Blessed people will become blessed people.** 🔺Facebook page: The Blessing Project_The Blessing Project 🔺IG account: TheBlessingProject


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No.410,424 - เครื่องประดับ  |  No.14,947 - ที่ห้อยกุญแจ
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💡Colorful key ring full range of 14 styles💡188 yuan for a single piece / 100 discount for any seven pieces|Re-enacted version of American hotel key cards, each with a unique "keyword" to bring out the beautiful qualities in life. Unlike evangelistic gifts, which are mostly presented in English, Chinese characters are immediately recognizable and easy to connect with. For foreigners, it is a unique gift!


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