USB rechargeable multi-function igniter candle igniter essential for scented candles with charging cable

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USB rechargeable multi-function igniter candle igniter essential for scented candles with charging cable


Want to light a scented candle with ease and elegance? If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools 😎 This textured rechargeable lighter is definitely the savior you are looking for 🥺❗️ Especially every time the candle burns to the bottom of the cup and it is very troublesome to light it This igniter has a slim design~ You can go deep into the bottom of the cup to light the candle wick at the bottom ✨ Perfect and effortless to light the candle 🕯️ Please see the product features below, it is definitely a must-have item in everyone's life😁 Grandpa and mama who don't need candles can light incense Friends' party, you can use birthday candles Rare camping, you can use it to make a fire The kitchen gas stove won't light up, so it's okay to rely on it! 🦭Product Specifications: USB rechargeable multi-function safe and environmentally friendly igniter (candle igniter) Product item: matte black/ Rose Gold/fog gold/fog silver Charging time: 1-1.5 (hours) Size: total length about 18 cm Product material: zinc alloy Battery life: 300-500 times (recyclable charging) Surface technology: anti-fingerprint matte surface (with USB charging cable) 🔥 Product Introduction & Features: The rechargeable igniter is not only environmentally friendly, windproof, but also very convenient: the rechargeable design does not need to refill gas, and it can be fully charged just by plugging in. Lightweight and textured look! Small size and easy to carry, it is everyone's daily necessities ❤️ ✅ Eco-friendly rechargeable ♻️ No fuel and gas needed ✅ Windproof design, it can be ignited in strong wind🌬 ✅ With power design, you can clearly see the remaining power 🔋 ✅ Textured appearance, light and easy to carry🎒 ✅ Anti-leakage design, 7 seconds automatic power off design🔐 ✅ Suitable for various daily needs, daily good friends in various occasions 💖 👍🏻 What occasions are recommended to use? 1. When the scented candle burns to the bottom of the cup, many people are accustomed to turn the bottle upside down and use a lighter to light the candle wick. The fluttering flame is not only easy to burn the hand, but also easy to burn the Wax body, allowing the melted Wax to drip out. ➡️This lighter allows you to light the cotton wick easily and gracefully ✨You can't miss this rechargeable lighter when using scented candles! The long design of the igniter is easy to reach into the candle jar to light the candle wick💖 2. When camping in the wild, this igniter is not only beautiful, but also easy to carry and has a windproof effect. It can also be ignited smoothly when riding a bicycle or when the outdoor wind is strong 3. The kitchen gas stove needs an igniter, or the gas stove ignition switch is faulty, you can use this igniter to ignite 4. Use for daily needs: It is very convenient when lighting fairy sticks, fireworks, or lighting birthday candles and incense! Everyone can use it 😊 ⚠️ Notes: 1. Do not place in a place easily accessible to children 2. When the battery indicator light is full, it means that the charging is complete, you can unplug it 3. Try not to overcharge to prolong battery life 4. Keep away from water and fire 5. It can be carried in carry-on luggage when going abroad 6. Do not touch the current part during use to avoid injury 7. When lighting candles, please do not irradiate candles with melting Wax lamps at the same time to avoid danger (when using melting Wax lamps, there is no need to light candles) 💡 How to use: After the joystick is pushed up, press the circular button, and the tip will have electricity. If the current touches the wick or other object to be ignited, there will be an open flame. (This product has a 7-second safety power-off design, if it exceeds the time, please re-operate) ❌ The pictures belong to the copyright of our company, and misappropriation must be investigated.


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Want to light a scented candle with ease and elegance? If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tool: this textured rechargeable igniter is definitely the savior you are looking for! The slender body design can penetrate into the bottom of the cup to ignite the candle wick at the bottom, perfectly and effortlessly lit your favorite candle!


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