White polka dot handmade eye mask pure cotton organic cotton adjustable length with storage bag sleep aid eye mask

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White polka dot handmade eye mask pure cotton organic cotton adjustable length with storage bag sleep aid eye mask


※Due to the characteristics of the printed fabric and the different cutting positions, the position of each eye mask pattern may be different. The pictures in the store are for reference only, and are still based on the actual goods received. ■ This product is a hand-made eye mask. The skin-friendly layer is made of organic cotton cloth, which reduces skin friction, is not easy to be allergic, is skin-friendly, soft, comfortable and breathable, and has good water absorption. ■ The interlayer uses fluffy and soft cotton, and the eye mask does not oppress the eyes. ■ Adjustable length design, make the eye mask fit the face shape better. ■ Use while sleeping to prevent light and shading and improve sleep quality. ■ It can be washed with water and used repeatedly, and it is not easy to deform after cleaning, maintaining the comfort and effect of the eye mask. ✔ The eye mask you wear on your face for a long time every day, we are more particular than you! ✔ Handmade and multi-process, there are several eye masks that are not available in the market and are super easy to wear, you will definitely fall in love with them! ✔ For the sake of health and hygiene, it is recommended to prepare a few more eye masks, wash and dry them frequently for use. ✔ Each eye mask comes with a storage bag, the eye mask can be put into the storage bag after being folded, it is super convenient to carry out! ✔ Shading comparison: double-sided full dark color (black) is the best ➔ single-sided dark (black) medium ➔ double-sided light color is the lowest ☷ Shading, picture color matching☷ Shading: Medium Surface: blue-green white polka-dot printed cotton Inner layer: black organic cotton Elastic band: light blue elastic band ☷ Material☷ Outer layer: medium-thin pure cotton Inner layer: organic cotton pure cotton Others: cotton laying, elastic band, plastic accessories Storage drawer pockets: pure cotton, other accessories ☷ Dimensions☷ Eyecups lay flat about 9 x 19.5 cm The storage bag lays flat about 11 x 13.5 cm ☷ Wear ☷ 1. The length of the elastic band can be adjusted to make the eye mask fit your face. 2. Please let it really cover your eyes, but please avoid too tight, so as not to cause discomfort. ☷ Maintenance and cleaning ☷ 1. Please wash the eye mask frequently, it is recommended to wash it at least once a week. 2. Please use neutral detergent and avoid using bleach. 3. Hand wash is recommended. If using a washing machine, put it in a laundry net/bag. (If it is soaked for a long time, the color may fade.) 4. After washing, please put it back to its original state and lay it flat to dry. 5. Please avoid ironing, so as not to lose the fluffy feeling of the cotton, so as not to lose the elasticity of the elastic band. ☷ Quantity/Packing☷ The price is a single eye mask + a storage bag / each piece has its own packaging, no problem for personal use, and it is also very suitable for gifts ☷ Others☷ Goggles are personal hygiene products and cannot be returned. Handmade works have traces of production, each piece of work is carefully crafted and unique, high standards or perfectionists do not buy, thank you. It is taken in kind, because the display is different and other factors will inevitably have color difference, please do not buy if you mind. Due to personal hygiene issues, the jewelry sold in the whole museum cannot be returned or exchanged. You can ask clearly before purchasing. ☷ Origin/Manufacturing method☷ Taiwan / Handmade ▶▶▶ For the convenience of international shipping, for countries/regions other than Taiwan, please fill in the recipient information in English format◀◀◀ ☷☷☷☷☷☷☷☷☷☷ Growing up, I still like cartoons, collect toys, and believe in fairy tales. It's not that we grow up, but we are willing to believe that fairy tales are not false. It reminds us not to forget our original thoughts. Although the power is limited, I hope to make a small effort, let us start with the accessories in our hands, be friendly to the environment, and integrate them into our lives. The accessories should not just be thrown away when they are used up, they should be written with you. A story that belongs to you! There is only one earth, please love it together! May this Bronze painting protect you and create a happy and happy ending with you... ☷☷☷☷☷☷☷☷☷☷


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The classic water jade dot pattern, white dots with fresh blue-green ~ bring a good mood and good sleep!


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