Waterproof, breathable, cool, functional, pet raincoat - red

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◆ 3% of each business income of Shan Xiaobei will be donated to the Taiwan Animal Emergency Rescue Team ◆ Taiwanese master crafts hand-sewn, MIT insists on quality ◆ In the summer, it can fight typhoon or rainstorm in the afternoon. In addition to being ab



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Waterproof, breathable, cool, functional, pet raincoat - red


◆ 3% of each business income of Shan Xiaobei will be donated to the Taiwan Animal Emergency Rescue Team ◆ ▲ Shan Xiaobei's products are all hand-stitched and made by Taiwanese masters, insisting on quality! ▲ In the summer, you can fight against typhoon or afternoon rain. In addition to being able to withstand the rainy weather in winter, you can also be a cute windbreaker. It is definitely a dog raincoat worth waiting for! ◆Speaking words ◆ When Can look at the distance between the sun and the moon again Ren Shanchuan No regrets Resting on the back of his shoulder Night, night, and night - Shan Xiaobei. wind and rain How long have we not seen the sky? Often, the days are in the hustle and bustle of things, and I don’t know how to spend each day. However, because of the sense of responsibility to take the walk of the child, it drives us to many unexplored worlds. Perhaps the breeze echoes the forest, maybe it is a thin long levee, maybe it is the dark night in the wind and rain... Looking at the simple and satisfying happiness of the hairy children walking, our hearts often precipitate slowly during the walk. When one day they are away from us, we can still retain this energy and look at the world in a balanced way. We can't leave the hairy children forever, but we can choose to cherish every companion, regardless of the wind and rain, and promise that they belong to each other's pure land. Good small shell. Rain and rain series waterproof and breathable raincoats are the crystallization of our repeated trials. We have selected a highly waterproof and moisture-permeable table cloth and a cool lining cloth. In addition to weatherproofing, the hair boy is not sultry in the summer rainy days. In particular, many details have been designed to enhance the adjustability, coverage and stability, so that the children can take a leisurely walk on a windy day. ◆ Shan Xiaobei. 5 advantages of rain and rain series waterproof and breathable machine raincoat ◆ 1. Select double-layer functional fabric, which has both skin-friendly and waterproof and anti-fouling, and has obtained international certification mark. Quality and function are trustworthy. ▲ Waterproof and breathable table cloth adopts GORE-TEX grade ePTFE microporous film three-layer laminated fabric with water pressure resistance up to 10,000mm H2o (Japanese standard JIS L 1092B), wet vapor permeability 10,000gm (Japanese standard JIS L 1099) B1), water repellent rate of 80/10 (Japanese standard JIS L 1092), the specifications are equal to the advanced outdoor functional clothing. ▲ The coolness coefficient of the cool lining cloth is greater than the Q-max value (instantaneous maximum heat flux) of 0.14W/cm2 or more, and the textile label of the cool functional fabric is obtained, and the quality is guaranteed. 2. The cool lining contains a high proportion of Tencel and adopts a double cool sensation method, which not only has skin-friendly, moisture wicking, but also has a long-lasting cool effect. ▲ Cool lining contains 65% Tencel ingredients, which is more skin-friendly, breathable, soft and environmentally friendly than the cool fabric with cheap chemical fiber. ▲ Yarn powder is added to the yarn. The principle of heat convection is used to allow the lower temperature jade powder to quickly absorb the higher body temperature of the baby. The body temperature of the hair child can be instantly reduced by 1-2 °C. ▲ Weaving method with special-shaped section, using the inner concave groove of tens of pores in the yarn to perform capillary action, quickly absorb the moisture of the skin of the baby, and conduct it to the outer layer to discharge and evaporate, so as to achieve the effect of rapid moisture absorption and perspiration. Not only can it be instantly cooled, but also has a long-lasting effect, which makes up for the cold sensation that only adds jade powder, and it is easy to quickly lose the cool effect with the number of times of washing. 3. Select advanced waterproof and breathable machine table cloth, which is waterproof, windproof, breathable and anti-fouling. It can be worn as a windbreaker in winter, and a piece of clothing can adapt to various activities of hairy children. ▲ The GORE-TEX grade classic ePTFE microporous film three-layer laminated fabric is composed of three layers of high-functional soft woven fabric, moisture-permeable waterproof membrane and skin-resistant pressure-resistant fabric. The structure is solid. ▲ ePTFE microporous film has hundreds of millions of pores, the size of which is 20,000 parts of water droplets, but seven hundred times larger than water vapor molecules, forming a structure that prevents rainwater from penetrating, but allows water vapor to escape, and the water pressure resistance coefficient is as high as 10,000mm H2O (Japanese standard JIS L 1092B) with excellent water resistance. ▲ The vapor permeability of ePTFE microporous film is up to 10,000 g/m2‧24hrs (JIS L 1099 B1). The moisture of the hair surface can be evaporated through hundreds of millions of micropores, which is highly ventilated and allows hairy children to When you take a walk on a rainy summer day, you can keep it dry and comfortable without being stuffy. ▲ After the water-repellent treatment, the table cloth reaches the best level of water-repellent durability 5, forming a lotus leaf effect on the surface of the raincoat, so that the water droplets naturally roll down, do not penetrate and spread, and have excellent anti-pollution and water-repellent functions. 4. Intimate layout and detail design to help parents solve the problems often encountered by children ▲ easy to put on and take off (1) The design of the head-type abdomen opening is convenient for wearing and removing. (2) Select YKK zipper, good quality and good pull. ▲ Highly adjustable (1) The elastic band design of the brim is suitable for different sizes of hairy children, and it is easy to fix without being blown off or slipped by the wind. (2) A drawstring is attached to the neck, back, and cuffs to adjust the tightness according to the size of the child. (3) There is an adjustment buckle on the abdomen, which can adjust the tightness according to the fat and thinness of the baby. ▲ The version is loose. When going out in winter, you can add the raincoat directly to the warm clothing as a windproof waterproof jacket. We have especially relaxed the version of the raincoat. When the baby is out in the winter, the raincoat can be directly added to the warm clothing to increase the warmth, and it is convenient for the parents to save time for wearing and taking off. ▲ Complete coating (1) The hat has high covering property and elastic band on the brim to enhance the covering force and stability. (2) The forefoot has a sleeve design and a drawstring in the sleeve to prevent the rain from soaking the forefoot. (3) The back hem is designed with a discount, which can naturally cover the buttocks of the hairy child and prevent the wind from falling out. ▲ Quick storage design, easy to store and neat In particular, we have studied the method of quick storage and integrated the key points into the design pattern. As long as we follow the storage instructions, we can easily complete the storage. 5. The table cloth pattern adopts environmentally friendly luminous embroidery thread, which is safe, environmentally friendly and has a book-like taste. When environmental protection has become an issue we urgently need to face, perhaps returning to the root of the problem is the first step in our actions. We may wish to take a closer look at the items around us, think about it, what do we really need? Among these items, how many are they fully used? Shan Xiaobei's waterproof and breathable raincoat, practicing the perpetual value of a piece of clothing, is a good product that can really accompany Mao's life. Good small shell. Wind and rain raincoats, a good life philosophy. ◆Good no size (size + price) ◆ The price of Shan Xiaobei's clothes will vary slightly depending on the size. The larger the size of the clothes because of more materials, the material cost is higher, so the price will be slightly higher than the small size clothes, please friends carefully before the order. https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4416/36790205505_6e1b36970f_c.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4295/35479447113_88d28dc0e6_b.jpg ◆Try-on report ◆ https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4301/36023463435_062d27c930_b.jpg ◆ wear and take off mode ◆ https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4408/36450422996_60e2ec015b_c.jpg ◆Good password (material + Tencel tag)◆ The clothes of Shan Xiaobei should try to follow the shape of the general dog. However, if some of the hairy children are long and fat, they are prone to wrinkles. Please forgive me, thank you. Table cloth: 100% polyester polyester fiber Lining: 65% Tencel (with TENCEL® original tag) 35% cool nylon Adjusting buckle: nylon Zipper: YKK zipper Washing label: environmentally friendly ink (certified by SGS) Waterproof strip: 100% polyurethane Tag: TENCEL (Tiansi) https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4307/36001941362_a26a77c10c_b.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4329/35363873773_e8f8ddd9f6_b.jpg SecoTecll (凉凉沙) https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4324/35777069820_3649f828a3_b.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4302/35331212374_95a4853e79_b.jpg FETretch (waterproof and breathable) https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4302/35331216884_2d65280334_b.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4314/36036461331_cfdb932a9d_b.jpg Teflon (water repellent) https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4321/35331214464_a94a4a979d_b.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4297/36036451991_bbd873bb07_b.jpg ◆Details ◆ 1. Easy to put on and take off: (1) The design of the head-type abdomen opening is convenient for wearing and removing. (2) YKK zipper, good quality and good pull. 2. Highly adjustable (1) The elastic band of the brim is designed to fit the hair of different head sizes, and it is easy to be fixed without being blown off or slipped by the wind. (2) There are drawstrings on the neck, back and cuffs, which can adjust the tightness according to the fat and thinness of the baby. (3) There is an adjustment buckle on the abdomen, which can adjust the degree of tightness according to the fat and thinness of the baby. 3. The version is loose https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4307/35634003800_436bde58f0_b.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4326/35634004600_4c8d09695b_b.jpg The loose version of the winter can be placed directly outside the warm clothing Comfortable size, winter clothes can be added to the home to increase warmth. 4. Complete coating https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4306/35634122130_f666cb6576_b.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4313/35184001944_7db16ba3be_b.jpg (1) The hat is highly covered, and there is an elastic band at the brim, which is not easy to blow or slip. (2) The forefoot has a sleeve design, and the drawstring in the sleeve prevents the rain from soaking the forefoot. (3) The hem is designed to fold over the buttocks to prevent the wind from falling out. 5. Quick storage design for easy storage and neatness. https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4307/35905806941_f5d225b976_b.jpg 6. The table cloth pattern adopts environmentally friendly luminous embroidery thread, which is safe, environmentally friendly and has a book-like taste of Wenqing. https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4319/35183997364_3d5836d353_b.jpg ◆Intimate little 叮咛◆ Precautions for the use of good small raincoats, 1. Please use the laundry bag when washing, which can protect the delicate cool lining, waterproof and breathable functional table cloth and beautiful embroidery drawings, so that the products will last longer! 2. Please be sure to dry in the sun to avoid the sunburn leading to the melting of the waterproof strip. Turning over the lining with a high content of Tencel can shorten the drying time! The raincoat of Shanbei does not need to be cleaned frequently. When the baby walks, ask the parents to wipe the rain or sewage with a clean damp cloth, and the raincoat can be easily cleaned. 3. The cool lining contains a high proportion of Tencel cotton, which has higher requirements for dyeing and printing. The printing and dyeing labels on the lining will produce slight fading with frequent washing. ◆Good color ◆ https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4590/39466682031_ba361a4704_c.jpg The products of Shanxiaobei are mainly based on grayscale color. Although the bright pink color is pleasing, there are many restrictions on the use of the condition to maintain the beautiful appearance of the object. In the process of developing products, we are often touched by some small screens. For example, a street food shop dog who was adopted from the home of a stray animal, patrols the store with due diligence; sat down at home in the door, loyal to the family's working dogs and so on. In them, we see a simple and simple cute, a place we especially cherish and want others to see. Therefore, we will set all the products in this simple color system; hope that these products can accompany the children, forget to roll and live. These traces of life, like old photographs, old buildings, quietly exude, the brilliance of the years. This is the color of the good small shell. ◆ Brand declaration (good adherence to abstract) ◆ https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4308/35883417931_c3be461773_b.jpg All processes of Shanxiaobei products adhere to MIT. In the headwind, there is a group of people who choose to stay in their hometown. With the spirit of optimism and dedication, we continue to improve our technology and we are sincerely admired. Therefore, Shan Xiaobei abandoned the mass production of low-cost methods, and chose to insist on all the processes to deliver these Taiwanese staff. They glared at the eyes of the old flower, sewing the temperature of their hometown into each piece of clothing. The clothes in your hands have us and work together to polish the MIT signboard. ◆Good knowledge ◆ The principle of double coolness of the cool lining of the ◇善小贝雨衣◇ 1. Yarn added jade powder, using the principle of heat convection, can instantly cool down 1-2 °C. Because jade (mine) stone has a small specific heat, heat conduction and heat dissipation are fast. Therefore, the lower temperature jade powder can quickly absorb the higher temperature of the human body, so that the skin has an instant cool feeling, but it will also be fast after the heat convection reaches equilibrium. When you heat up and lose the sense of cool, the action time will disappear after a few minutes. Using the above principle, the fabric manufacturer grinds jade (such as Hualien jade, marble, etc.) into a very fine powder, removes the asbestos component of harmful body, adds it to the fabric fiber, and extracts 200 to 500 nanometers of fiber, and mixes the polyester. When rayon fibers such as fibers and nylon are woven into fabrics and made into clothes, the body surface temperature can be lowered by 1.2-2 °C. 2. Shaped cross-section weave, accelerate moisture absorption and perspiration The fabric manufacturer selected by Shanbie combines the "capillary action" and "heat convection principle" to make the fiber cross section into a profiled section. Due to the relatively large surface area of the fiber, the yarn after spinning into the yarn produces more pores, and then the capillary phenomenon caused by the pores allows the body sweat and the hot gas to smoothly flow from the inside to the outside. The surface, and the external air flows to evaporate the sweat, keeping the body cool. This is also the principle of "hygroscopic perspiration". And because it uses the principle of fiber pores to guide moisture, it is a physical function and very safe. Waterproof and breathable principle of ◇善小贝雨衣 waterproof and breathable function table cloth◇ 1. Highly waterproof and breathable The waterproof and breathable table cloth selected by Shanbike contains three layers of structure: the surface layer fabric has anti-water-repellent function (light and dry), the middle layer fabric is high-grade polyester fiber (light and strong), and the inner layer fabric contains functional waterproof and breathable film. . The inner layer of the waterproof and breathable functional cloth is covered with a microporous waterproof film. The film contains hundreds of millions of micropores. The size of the hole is between water vapor and water, which can allow internal moisture to escape, but it can resist external heavy rain. Water pressure. 2. Film instead of film, with long-lasting waterproof function Using multiple patented high-pressure coating technology, the waterproof and breathable coating is directly processed on the fabric fiber instead of the overall coating on the surface of the fabric to avoid a decrease in air permeability or a rapid peeling of the coating with washing. 3. Has the waterproof rating of human outdoor sportswear The water pressure resistance test reaches 10,000mm/H2O or more and is resistant to heavy rain. The air permeability reaches 5,000gm wet steam permeability, which can maintain the dry and comfortable inner layer of the raincoat. 4. The surface layer has anti-waterproof, light, easy to dry, anti-fouling The surface layer is treated with anti-water-repellent coating treatment, so that the rainwater splashed on the surface of the raincoat can be condensed into a waterdrop shape and will not be absorbed by the table cloth. Just as the water droplets roll on the lotus leaf, it can be gently shaken. Let the rain dry. Not only is it easy to dry, it is not easy to attach sewage. Origin / manufacturing methods Produced in Taiwan, all the processes of good small shell products, adhere to the use of MIT


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