14KGF Moonstone × Herkimont Crystal Magic Blue Natural Stone Necklace / Clavicle Chain

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The flowing dreamy blue light or rainbow light looms between the necks, revealing an elegant and feminine taste.


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14KGF Moonstone × Herkimont Crystal Magic Blue Natural Stone Necklace / Clavicle Chain


Moonlight's flowing dreamy blue light or rainbow light looms between the necks, revealing an elegant and feminine taste. Add a fine flash of Hercules crystal to the buckle to make the back neck look fascinating. The length of the wearing is 40cm. Same series Mini earrings: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/fv2dQYwT Long earrings: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/y6M7nWfW __size__ Chain length: 40cm (including buckle) + 5cm free Moonstone: 0.8~1cm The chain length cannot be adjusted. Be sure to confirm the size before purchasing. __Use material__ Natural stone: Rainbow Moonstone, Hekimon Crystal (Sparkling Diamond) Metal: all 14KGF __Gem knowledge__ Rainbow Moonstone is closer to the labradorite mineralogy, but its appearance is similar to that of moonstone. It is often called directly called moonstone. The pure appearance has a fantastic reflection, making him the most popular stone in the feldspar category. __14KGF metal__ ◆ 14KGF is the abbreviation of 14K Gold-Filled, Chinese is 14K gold/gold, that is, under high temperature and high pressure, 14K gold is forged on the outer layer of metal embryo to make it permanently combined. ◆ The words "1/20 14K GF" (gold wire/chain, faceted metal) are usually printed on 14KGF products imported from the United States. That is to say, the 14K gold layer content is at least 1/20 (5%) of the total weight. ◆14KGF is not allergic, has high abrasion resistance and good color retention, and the K gold texture is meticulous. A very popular metal material in Japanese hand made jewelry. __Maintenance instructions__ ◆ Wipe gently with a soft cloth (glass cloth, etc.) after each take off. Do not use metal cleaning products containing abrasives. ◆ Put in a zipper bag during storage to avoid contact with air. Each product will be accompanied by anti-oxidation paper to strengthen the prevention of metal oxidation. Please put it in the zipper bag together with the jewelry. ◆In the summer, if you sweat more or touch chemicals such as cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, etc., you can clean them directly with water, and then store them after drying. (Gold-plated ear clips, turquoise, pearls, opals, etc. are not suitable for contact with water. Do not use this method to clean.) ◆ Do not wear jewelry when swimming or bathing, avoid contact with chemicals, and avoid accidental pulling and collision damage. ◆ Metal oxidation rate is related to physical fitness, habits and storage environment. If it becomes black or dull, use a neutral detergent diluted with water and gently brush it, or wipe it with a silver cloth to restore the metallic luster. __Precautions__ ◆ Natural stone has different color, texture and size, and there may be natural cotton cracks, black spots, inclusions, etc. ◆Hand-made, it is inevitable that there will be traces of hand-made, will try to ship in the best condition. There may be a slight gap between the marked size and the actual size. ◆ Due to the angle of photographing, light, computer color and personal perception, there will be some color difference, and the products should be based on real products. ◆ Most people do not have an allergic reaction to 14KGF. The constitution varies from person to person. Please consider your own situation. __package__ ◆All goods are packed in gift boxes. Please note if you need to pack. ◆The contents are individually packaged in a zipper bag, and one piece of anti-oxidation paper is attached for convenient storage and color retention. __After sales service__ ◆ Provide maintenance services, details can be discussed. Thank you for your interest in this stone pavilion. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions :)


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