[Spring Pigs Books] Dining Books Harui Dining Tools

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[Spring Pigs Books] Dining Books Harui Dining Tools


**Exhibit Handmade in Japan 2017 Special Merchandise**(booked for sale) Tool book series of works for the special products, will be made after the order, production time about one to one and a half months. -------- My childhood, pocket Barbie is a dream Yi Yi, but also pencil box section! Warm little people live inside, as if the outside is cold, class time must look at them, Now grow up, we try to make the toys are adults, Qiang Qiang Qiang ~ is the tool book! The The So that the cold tools are one by one to live inside, 30 generations of us, will still be from time to time to steal the inside, Look at the tool will laugh! Production time takes more than one month "Very time-consuming, very worthwhile" ---------------- Harui Dining Tools In addition to the need to bring their own food utensils, after meals clean mouth is a small thing! Contains chopsticks, fork, spoon, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, dental floss and small mirror, Suitable for: Birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas. * Dimension Description: Width 13cm x height 22cmx thickness 3.5cm ---------------- *Material Description: Pure handmade Italian leather production, tool set with all the tools. (Part of the leather / fabric / hardware is limited, if there is a shortage we will replace the nearest material) * Customized projects: Can be free guest laser engraving letter engraved on the leather (10 characters or less). The lettering contents and location are stated in the order notes. (Position can be discussed with the designer) *other instructions: [Color slightly colored color to prevail in the color] [Part of the leather / fabric / hardware is limited, if there is a shortage we will replace the nearest material] [Each piece of leather color and texture for the natural traces of animals, these traces have become unique leather Charming place. ] * Basic maintenance: [The best way to maintain is to use him often, our hands is the natural oil maintenance oil!] [Leather for too long will not use dry, usually basic maintenance (1 to 3 months time): First with soft hair (horse hair) brush brush leather surface, then clean with a soft cloth to keep the oil on the thin layer, After the maintenance of the leather will be more shiny than before maintenance!] * Scarred: [Scratch: with leather maintenance oil against the scratches the direction of light rub, can reduce the scratch marks] [Decolorization: summer will sweat / rain try not to wear light clothing, to prevent dark leather contaminated clothing. ] [Moldy: to avoid mold mold can be in the leather inside the newspaper / usually will be placed in a low moisture, well ventilated place] [To prevent water marks: 1. The whole leather will be wet (wet the case can not be forced to wipe, so as to avoid deformation and decolorization). 2. The leather natural dry (not high temperature drying to prevent leather cracking). 3. Leather from wet to dry process will follow the loss of grease, and finally need to keep the last oil shiny. ] [Leather surface dirty: can be wiped with an eraser (the original skin is not recommended)] [Cortical hardening: wiping with protective leather, you can restore the original soft] [Mildew: brush with a brush gently remove the surface mold, and then wipe with a clean damp cloth, place the ventilation to remove the musty] ------------------------------------- Origin / manufacturing method Origin of Taiwan handmade


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