[Stone Flower] Gray-purple Sapphire Agate Woven Bracelet

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Gray purple cherry agate hand-woven bracelet Apricot light gray Provide tailor-made services, please indicate the hand circumference when placing an order



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[Stone Flower] Gray-purple Sapphire Agate Woven Bracelet


︻ Shi Shi is in Head move Flower like ︼ Flower Heart This series is inspired by Sakaguchi's work of the same name. "Stone flower" in Japanese-stone flower, which means stalactite flower. It is formed by the accumulation and accumulation of dripping water containing lime over a period of years. It grows by one centimeter in thirty years. It is also a flower of stone, it is people see it as a flower. "In my opinion, this is the greatest freedom we have. If you also think that stones are like flowers, that's great. Cherry Blossom Agate Blossoms Agate | Agate is a collection of chalcedony variants. Its family is huge and has a variety of banded patterns or patterns. The sakura agate from Madagasikara is named after the symbiotic mineral pattern wrapped in the crystal like a blossoming sakura; her energy is delicate and gentle, corresponding to the heart and umbilical chakras, which has a balance, stability and protection ; Help relax the spirit, ease nervous tension, and let go of anxiety. She is a symbol of life cycle, hope and friendship. She can help us turn negative emotions into nutrients for life, support spiritual growth, and allow us to embrace the world with a more open and soft heart. If you have nothing to do, cherry agate will help you step by step until it is completed and reborn; just like the seed sprouts, grows and bears fruit, and returns to the earth to become a nutrient for another seed. Every aspect becomes a process of growth ⋯⋯ Crystal Purification | The crystal will naturally collect the energy of the surrounding environment. After receiving the work, it is recommended that the crystal be purified and demagnetized to remove the excess energy absorbed by the crystal, which is not needed at the moment. The purification method is as follows. The easiest method for you is the best method. ❙ Living Water ❙ Hold the crystal in flowing water for ten to twenty minutes, rinse and air dry ❙ sunshine ❙ Mild sunlight is suitable for any crystal, and the exposure time is about 30 minutes to an hour ❙ Moonlight ❙ Put the crystal under the moonlight, especially for the full or new moon ❙ Sea salt ❙ Put the crystals into the water with sea salt to soak for three to four hours. The ratio of salt water is one to ten. ❙ Smokey ❙ Surround smoke with frankincense, sandalwood, or sage ❙ Crystal❙ Place the crystal in an amethyst bed, quartz cluster, or crystal cavity ❙ Sound ❙ Recite Buddhist scriptures, knock on a bowl or play soft music from nature ❙ Natural ❙ Delivering crystals to nature while increasing spar energy ❙ Soil ❙ Buried crystal in the soil for one to two weeks, or one to two moon cycles ❙ Breath ❙ Exposing the crystal to your breath or light Believe in the feeling, you can clearly know or see when it is time to purify the crystals-when they lose their luster, decrease their brightness or feel uncomfortable and sticky. Use and maintenance | Stones come from nature, and each one is perfect; flaws in our eyes like cotton wool, ice cracks, impurities, etc. are just proof of their natural formation. Each of them has unique energy. You can try to close your eyes lightly, concentrate, and feel her quietly in your hands. You may feel the palms are numb; warm or cool, dense or light. ⋯⋯ Pay attention to the inside, some feelings are subtle and imperceptible. Any description of energy is possible, and that is your unique feeling. Please avoid wearing while bathing, hot springs or water sports activities, please put it on properly when not wearing.


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