Draw your face - Huang Banana Star's customized portrait/pet/face-like badge/key ring

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Draw your face - Huang Banana Star's customized portrait/pet/face-like badge/key ring - ภาพวาดบุคคล - พลาสติก หลากหลายสี


Banana Star’s customized portrait badge is here~(⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) Draw with the hand-painted Q-version style that Banana Star is good at~ There are**single portrait**,**single bust**, There is also**bust double portrait**to choose from, It is very suitable for yourself or dear him/her, Is it suitable for gift giving and personal use~ If you are ready, please read the following instructions 👇 🌟**Circle Badge** One human head: a circle with a diameter of 3.2 One half body: a circle with a diameter of 4.4cm Half-length double: a circle with a diameter of 5.8cm The badges are all covered with fog film, and the surface is waterproof (Key rings and badges are made of the same material and have the same billing method. If you need to order a key ring, please place an order directly here on the badge, and just indicate "key ring" in the remarks! If you need an "Acrylic key ring", please contact us first. Designer discussion!) All the badges have the same pattern, and the second one is half price discount~ If you need more than two copies of the same pattern, be sure to choose A (the price of the first copy) first, and then choose B (the price of the second and third copies...) (If you need more than 10 copies, there is a special discount price, you can ask first~) 🌟**Order steps-** 1. After placing the order and paying, please send me 2-5 frontal photos of the person you want to draw (Please be sure to provide photos with clear facial features, no cuts to the head, no special effects, and bright lights!) 2. Tell me the details to pay attention to (such as expression, hairstyle, clothing, etc.) 3. Tell me if you want to add your name or other text~ (Chinese, English, phonetic notation are all acceptable) 4. What color do you want for the background (the background is all monochromatic, the color of the last picture can be selected, if you need a special color or other background, you can also discuss it. You can also tell me the small symbols you want to add - such as hearts, stars, etc. decorate) 5. Wait for the badge to be printed and delivered to you:) 🌟Pets and animals can also be drawn! The billing method is basically the same as that of portrait~ If you need other styles, such as plants, food and any other patterns you want, welcome to discuss with me! 🌟Very important note! 1. Always start drawing after payment****there is no option to pick up and pay 2.**The production period of customized products is about 10-40 days, and urgent items are not included!** (made according to the order of the order, if there are more orders, the time may be longer!) 3. After reading the line draft, you can modify and fine-tune it once. After the line is completed, you can no longer modify it~ 4. When placing an order, please choose to draw a single head, one half-body or two half-body. If you need to draw more than two people, full body or special needs, please come and discuss with me~:) 5. This price is the drawing fee + printing fee, excluding copyright and copyright, please do not modify, reproduce, or use the work for commercial purposes such as logos, advertisements, and publicity. If you need additional quotations for commercial purposes, you can contact the designer Come tell me~ If the information is false, we will take legal action 6. No return or exchange will be given for customized goods after payment 7. The product photos are for reference only and will be drawn in this style. The actual product color will vary due to printing and each screen display color 8. Banana Star will share the work on major social networking sites (FB, IG, Pinkoi, etc.) for reference. If you are shy and don’t want to make it public, you can tell me first~ 9. This is the price of the badge, and does not include pictures. If you need pictures or make other products (badges, mobile phone cases, etc.), please place another order. If you want to make other products, you are welcome to discuss:) Image file: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/b56ivMgd Stickers: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/DWK8RFyM 10.**After placing an order, please be sure to pay attention to the message (inbox)**. I will discuss the production details with you, confirm the draft and the completed drawing, and send it to the manufacturer for production after confirming the completed drawing. If there is no reply within 3 days after the order is placed, the official assistance will be given to cancel the order. Thank you for reading these, I hope you will like it, let the pictures of Banana Star accompany your life~(´ ˘ `♡)


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Here is Banana Star’s customized portrait badge~(⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) It is drawn in the hand-painted Q-version style of Banana Star~ There are single-person head portraits, one-person bust portraits, and half-length double portraits to choose from. The badges are all covered with fog film, the surface is waterproof, Suitable as a gift for personal use~✿


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