handmade masks Christmas Limited, The Lucky Bag Set【A】

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Temariya Mask Japan
Temariya Mask Japan
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handmade masks Christmas Limited, The Lucky Bag Set【A】


Christmas Limited, The Lucky Bag Set【A】 This is a bargain set that is only available during Christmas campaign. We have selected three masks that are popular at our store. You can have all three of them for yourself or it may also be a good idea to give each of them to your important people as a gift. If you wish for an individual paper wrapping, please select as such at the specification field. https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7225/27667074086_1fcb1c5e6e_o.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8535/28616670684_de2f30274a_o.jpg https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7121/27090879793_5e10eccd17_o.jpg Set【A】 handmade mask Garland Star White ×1 handmade mask Modern Butterfly Mustard ×1 handmade mask Plain Mustard ×1 ※You cannot change the combination of masks Each mask is 15% off from their normal price. Furthermore, you can get free shipping during this Christmas campaign so it definitely is a good buy. Don’t miss this chance. Have a Merry Christmas! ▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△▲△ TEMARIYA offers hand-made masks that are made with soft, skin-friendly double cotton gauze. The three-dimensional mask with pleats fits your face well, leaving no gap between the mask and your face. It’s an ideal solution for preventing cold and hay fever. It also gives moisture to your throat and skin if you wear it in your sleep, which results in preventing various troubles from occurring. It can be washed at home for repeated use. It’s perfect for a casual gift as well. ※Please note that the patterns and colors may come differently from image photos due to the cutting status and your screen environment. https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7234/27750356352_c5fd4c7e73_o.jpg https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7312/27239678223_6e47267be0_o.jpg <Material> Body : 100% double cotton gauze Ear loop string : Antibacterial rubber for mask (rubber : natural rubber, thread : polyester) ※Please note that the color may come off. <Washing> Please use neutral detergent. Do not use bleacher. Hand washing is recommended. Use a cleaning net when using a washing machine. Leaving it wet for a long period of time may cause colors to fade so make sure you set a shape and dry it in shade right after washing is done. Use an iron if you want to smooth out the wrinkles on the mask. But do not press an iron on elastic part. <Size> 9 × 15 cm Standard size for women ※Dimensions are measured with pleats folded. Please note that size may come slightly different as all products are hand-made. <How to use> 1. Confirm which side is front / back. The side with risen pleats is the front. 2. Place a mask on your face and put ear loop strings on both ears. 3. Vertically stretch the pleats until it covers your chin and adjust it to fit your face. <About TEMARIYA masks> The length of the ear loop strings cannot be adjusted since the product is designed putting the emphasis on providing the feeling of fit. It is washable and can be repeatedly used but the deterioration on the elastic parts cannot be avoided. Please consider purchasing a new one when the product no longer fits on your face. We offer all TEMARIYA masks in individual packaging. It’s perfect for a casual gift or a token of appreciation. Made in Japan


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