[Island Holiday] Blue Stone Necklace/Necklace/Blue Stone Necklace/Handmade Necklace

แปลอัตโนมัติ (ภาษาเดิม: จีน-ตัวเต็ม)
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MooD Jewelry
MooD Jewelry
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[Island Holiday] Blue Stone Necklace/Necklace/Blue Stone Necklace/Handmade Necklace


**【Product name】** **[Island Holiday] Stone Necklace** **【product quality】** **🎖Necklace material: Bronze covered with 14K gold** **🎖Pendant material: blue Stone** **【Product contents】** **1. One word blue Stone necklace** **2. One back card** **3. One anti-oxidation sealed jewelry bag** **【Shipping packaging materials】** **• Brand new bubble transparent shockproof packaging** **• Brand new shipping bag** **• Brand new packaging cartons for many items** **• This design shop complies with the "safe shipping SOP" process as follows, please rest assured to buy.** **1. Strengthen the cleaning of personnel with 75% alcohol during the preparation process 2. Control and measure the body temperature of personnel every day 3. Pay attention to protective measures during the shipping process.** **【Daily maintenance】** **• Each piece of jewelry should be stored independently to avoid collisions and scratches with other jewelry or hard objects.** **• Sweat and dust can cause deterioration of jewelry. It is not advisable to wear jewelry when exercising, sleeping, bathing, washing hands, swimming, especially in hot springs.** **• Cosmetics and other chemical substances are easy to produce chemical changes with jewelry. Avoid contact with perfume, cosmetics, bleach, etc., which will cause corrosion.** **• The materials used in our jewelry are very delicate and high-quality. In order to wear it for a long time with peace of mind, please avoid external extrusion and strong pulling, and do not place this product in a high temperature or long-term damp environment. Products with pigments and cosmetics, medicines or cleaning ingredients, the above reasons may cause damage to the goods you purchased.** **• If the jewelry you buy contains opal/pearl, please pay special attention: please avoid exposure to moisture or an environment with excessive temperature difference, both temperature and humidity may accelerate the decomposition, dissolution or oxidation of organic Gemstone, due to the hardness of organic Gemstone Please avoid hot springs, hot baths, and products with cleansing ingredients.** **• There are accessories with "white opal" that are recommended to be removed when taking a bath or entering the water. Natural opal will be transparent after contact with water, and it will be restored later; but if it is often exposed to water, the fire light on the Gemstone will still change. less and less obvious.** **• It is recommended to remove the accessories with "pearls" when taking a bath or entering the water. The surface of natural pearls has pores. If they are often exposed to cleaning products (such as: soap, hand soap, body wash, detergent...), it is easy to cause pearls The color turns yellow.** **• The size of the product is measured by sampling, and there will be a little error as normal.** **• All natural stones have natural characteristics such as ice cracks, clouds, or mineral defects. Buy those who are acceptable.** **• If you have any questions, please ask, we will reply you as soon as possible.** **【Shopping Notes】** **•The products are all made-to-order products, if in stock, the delivery time is 3-5 days. For reservation, please contact us.** **• We will ship after confirming payment, so paying as soon as possible can speed up the delivery time.** **• There may be errors in the size due to different measurements, and 0.5~1 cm is within the normal range.** **• Diamonds, natural Gemstone, and pearls in the product are all natural products and contain natural traces. Gemstone products are also handmade. It is normal for there to be some traces or residual glue. Product photos will have color difference due to different screen devices, please place an order if you can accept it.** **• Slight differences in metal solder joints, minor scratches or small bumps on the painted surface are normal.** **• It is normal for natural ores to inevitably have natural ore shortages. Perfectionists should not buy them.** **• Most of the materials we choose are pure natural Gemstone and pearls. Pearls are natural pearls. Gemstone(ores) also come from different countries and origins. Each one is unique, so no matter the Stone, color, luster and shape, each All will be different, and will not be exactly the same as the product photos, please forgive me; we will carefully screen out the best quality.**


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**[Island Holiday] Stone Necklace** **🎖Necklace material: Bronze covered with 14K gold** **🎖Pendant material: blue Stone**


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