[Handcrafted Childlike Heart] 22 rounds FM 90 rubber band submachine gun

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Who says grown-ups can't keep their hearts when they grow up? Remember when you were playing with a rubber band gun when you were a kid? The bamboo chopsticks and rubber bands twisted by hand can create a magic gun that leads to our dream world. Come!
31/03/2020 (อ.
ไต้หวัน / Taipei City
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Fun-Maker design

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[Handcrafted Childlike Heart] 22 rounds FM 90 rubber band submachine gun


Hello ~ I am Miss Joan Banban Our workshops are by appointment Available appointments are Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday Afternoon session 13:30 (expected completion 13: 30 ~ 17: 30) ※ The class time is based on the date and time you ordered. If there is a rush, Miss Joan will reconfirm the class time with you. ※ Please make an appointment 3 days in advance to prepare materials and tools -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- [FN P90 submachine gun] The FN P90 submachine gun is a gun designed by the Belgian FN company in 1990. Because of its special shape, it does not resemble an ordinary submachine gun, and most especially the special design of the magazine above. In order to obtain a realistic design appearance, we designed it in accordance with the 1: 1 realistic gun design. The appearance was designed to achieve a 1: 1 reality design. We spent a lot of thought on the design, especially the horizontal placement of the magazine and the thickness of the gun body. Both the degree and the special shape of the sight frame are more difficult designs. The internal mechanism of the gun is designed by an original mechanism. It is designed with a multi-link lever structure, and then the transformation of the tension between the rubber bands is used to achieve the effect of continuous firing. It can continuously fire 22 rounds and has an infrared design. It's so cool. We love mechanical aesthetics and have fun with it. We re-designed the P90 as a wooden rubber band gun, dedicated to you and me who loved playing rubber band guns in childhood. https://youtu.be/EyVqapC0Usg [You can experience it in the workshop] It takes about 4 hours to complete the work 1. The fun of hand-made light wood and the sense of accomplishment of completing the work 2. Related woodworking wood knowledge 3. Knowledge about the mechanical principle of the gun [Product / Workshop Specification Content] Dimensions 50 cm wide x 13.6 cm high x 7 cm thick European imports of birch wood New Zealand imported environmentally friendly sheet Imported walnut board Metal hardware accessories **Completed works include P90 1, humanoid target 5, magazine 2** [Good health benefits] 1. For your Thunder Carving Name on P90 ※ Please fill in the name you want to engrave in the remarks column when registering, both English and Chinese are available (English is more beautiful! 2. Give us a can of natural beeswax hand-made 3. Provide delicious hand-made coffee / tea to accompany you to enjoy hand-made time 4. Give a personal and customized small gift [Workshop location] Fun-Maker Studio No. 67, Ganghua Street, Neihu District, Taipei City (the most beautiful one in the alley next to 69 Ganghua Street) About 6 minutes walk from Exit 1 of Gangmen MRT Station on Wenhu Line [Number of people] 1 person can make an appointment [Expense description] The cost includes the use of lecturer materials and tools, etc.




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