[Limited] Indian Handbag Moisturizing Travel Group

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★ Light travel, maintenance and victory! Rong Dhonu Social Enterprise Indian Handmade Cosmetic Bag X1, Exquisite Bird's Nest Firming Whitening Essence 3mlX 3, Exquisite Bird's Nest Lighthouse Jellyfish Gel Cream/Night Cream 2.5gX3, Exquisite Bird&#


Akasha Natura & enrbeauty

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[Limited] Indian Handbag Moisturizing Travel Group


[Limited] Exquisite bird's nest X Social enterprise Rong Dhonu India handmade bag moisturizing travel group https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7801/40393106663_2a0efabd58_b.jpg **There are 5 kinds of content (true value):** **1 "Exquisite extract of bird's nest firming whitening essence 3ml" 3 bottles** https://www.pinkoi.com/product/uVZ8giVK **2 "Exquisite bird's nest lighthouse jelly cream / night cream 2.5g" 3 bottles** https://www.pinkoi.com/product/6GPBvBhi **3 "Exquisite extraction of bird's nest full-effect nourishing oil / beauty oil 5ml" 1 bottle** https://www.pinkoi.com/product/FJTGfra4 **4 "Send the Exquisite Bird's Nest Lighthouse Jelly Mask" 1 piece** https://www.pinkoi.com/product/38YiVcUU The above content can be used for about 6 days or 1 week. **5 "Rong Dhonu Social Enterprise" Indian Handmade Cosmetic Bag 1** Indian handmade cosmetic bag: Indian rural women, coached by "Rong Dhonu Social Enterprise", use the beautiful Indian sari cloth (factory cloth), each bag is hand-stitched, and the colors are all inevitable. Please look at the picture selection code, if it is sold, it means that there is no such thing! (waiting for the next batch~) Dimensions: length 13cm, width 6.5cm, height 6cm **Maintenance procedure** • The first night of the trip First patch**"Exquisite bird's nest lighthouse jellyfish mask"**, take photos the next day • Daytime: Wash your face → lotion or**"Exquisite bird's nest firming whitening essence"**→**"Exquisite extract of bird's nest full-faced nourishing oil"**(Smear your hands and rub the face for about 30 seconds) → Isolation sunscreen • Evening: Wash your face → lotion or**"Exquisite bird's nest firming whitening essence"**→**"Exquisite bird's nest lighthouse jelly cream / night cream"**→ Do not rinse directly to sleep • Remember to carry it with you**“Exquisite bird's nest full-effect nourishing oil”**hand guard, rub finger -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------- **[EN'R exquisite bird's nest cares for the world with you]** The original intention of our brand management is to hope that we can do our best to help disadvantaged groups and care about women's issues. When you become beautiful, you also want to help more women who want to change. "Rong Dhonu Social Enterprise" is committed to teaching poor rural women in India to develop skills and provide employment opportunities. Using the beautiful Indian sari cloth (factory cloth), making practical and temperature-oriented bags for sale, let them affirm their self-worth, economic independence, and enable children to receive education, lighten their lives, change themselves. With the next generation. In order to support fair trade, we cooperated with Rong Dhonu to purchase cosmetic bags and products for sale. We look forward to the transfer of the value and hope of women's efforts to Taiwan, and the cost of the package is paid in full. I hope that after the purchase of the water, they can also send such feelings to friends around you. Let us care for the world together and thank us for cherishing everything we have. Although we are now weak in strength, as long as we can do a little bit, I believe that we can help a little bit, build up a lot, and look forward to playing more power and giving more assistance in the future. *(Bengal Song Dhonu, meaning "Tianhong", Rong Dhonu is located in the rural south of India and in the south of the country. The unit hopes to help local women to become self-reliant and improve their lives by teaching sewing techniques.)* https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7803/32490890787_d6e68649cd_b.jpg (Photo by Rong Dhonu fan group) https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7873/47358616391_38194fa660_b.jpg **[EN'R Fine Bird's Nest Skin Care] ~ Swallow's Nest Care Products with Resume~** • Select high-enriched bird's nest essence imported from Japan, professional technical extraction, and original inspection. • The only commercially available**"bird's nest essence (imported from Japan) + jellyfish collagen (from France),"**skin care products. • Combined with an effective moisturizing formula, it is more easily absorbed by the skin, leaving the skin Q-slurry. • Adhere to no added alcohol, pigments, flavors, carefully selected ingredients, mild and safe to use. • We give the skin the most real protection and nourishment, so that you have the happiness of natural beauty. **Selected as a new creative brand of "China's self-media" and "Taiwan's 臻百味"** * Made in Taiwan, Germany ISO22716 / Cosmetic GMP International Verification * High concentration bird's nest essence Japan original factory inspection report * Passed SGS 4 heavy metal, no fluorescent agent, no bacteria test * Insured product liability insurance


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