Bread Down Jacket-White | Down Jacket | Jacket | Winter Models | Polyester Fiber + White Duck Down | Sora-427

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The down jacket adopts a soft and tough knitting liner, which is light and fluffy, not easy to run away, soft to the touch, and has a certain elasticity and resilience (like bread). In view of the quality of down jackets, winter models are a must.



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Bread Down Jacket-White | Down Jacket | Jacket | Winter Models | Polyester Fiber + White Duck Down | Sora-427


**● About clothing parameters / size**!!112788138.jpg **● About works** Fabric: 100% polyester Lining: 100% polyester Filling: 95% white duck down This down jacket has been designed since October Originally planned for November The final effects designer is still not satisfied Was forced to postpone After the first draft samples are out Found the hem too loose Too long The hem is too big to block the cold wind in winter Second draft design Designers want to try velvet Found behind the sample dress A little too rich Uncontrollable ~ But the layout is not bad So I found a new lightweight down fabric Made to find that the liner is too hard and the fabric is too soft It feels like a hard lining inside Keep changing There are professionals in the related areas who are specifically looking for it. Go to their company to learn the classification of down jacket and surface accessories As if opening the door to a new world Finally, the soft and tough knitting liner was finally finalized. Thin and fluffy, not easy to run away, soft to the touch Has a certain elasticity and resilience (like bread) Not only ensure the uniform feel of the face cloth and the lining At the same time, it guarantees the quality of down jackets Finally, after four revisions and constant trial and error We think that the perfect down jacket is available I chose wild black Gentle milky white Base color Classic look Down and bile are soft to the touch No pressure on the body Deliberately say This time it ’s 95% white duck down Warming effect is very good Duck down has passed the quality inspection No strong duck feather smell The collar is made of cotton The choice of filling is not because the filling can make the neckline more conformable and fit the human body. For quality This collar has the effect of standing collar Can better fit the neck Better wrapping And his face is small and energetic Raglan sleeves No restrictions on shoulder width and sleeve length The placket is concealed The buttons are invisible Holistic integrity Zippered cuffs flexible Inside pocket on left chest Convenient for small things Short style Not bloated :) Same black: **● Model** Height: 165cm Weight: 46kg Shoulder width: 39cm Waist: 64cm Hips: 82cm Try on: S size **● Washing method** Dry cleaning is recommended, with slight stains, you can choose a wet towel to wipe gently and let it air dry **● Show pictures**!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg!!112788138.jpg **● Notes** The color of the clothes during shooting may be affected by sunlight, lights, etc., causing a certain color difference between the picture and the real thing. Please refer to the detailed picture of the picture and the real thing for the color of the clothes. The size of the clothes is measured by hand, and there may be dimensional errors depending on the production batch. Errors within 2 to 3 cm are normal and not a quality problem. **● About remarks** All the products in the design hall are independently designed, including the selection of fabrics, accessories, running factories and so on. All the fabrics used are mainly natural and environmentally friendly fabrics. Before we ship the clothes, we will re-pack and check them. If you have any questions about the clothes, you can contact us ~ **● About shipping time** In the case of clothes in stock, we will help you ship within 1 to 2 days. Because our clothes are made in small batches, sometimes we will encounter the situation that the current batch of clothes is sold out and the next batch is still being made in the processing factory. In this case, we will complete the production in the processing factory and pass our quality. After testing, we will help you ship. The waiting time for shipment is about 5 to 14 days. If you have any questions about the delivery time after placing an order, you can contact us at any time to confirm. **● About transportation** Under normal circumstances, the product can be received about 7-10 days after shipment, except for the peak period of international transportation, which may increase the delivery time during peak periods. All mailed products will be transported to the airport first, and then sent by air to the mailing destination. After customs clearance, they will be transferred to the local transportation company for delivery. Friends in Taiwan can also choose "SF Express" to mail, so the transportation speed will be faster (about 3 to 4 days), but the freight will be relatively expensive, and the difference will be required. ※ For transportation to the outer islands of Taiwan (Penghu, Matsu, Kinmen, Lianjiang, outlying islands, Xiaolanyu), the shipping company will charge extra freight. Friends from the outer islands please contact us before placing an order. Hong Kong area defaults to SF Express mailing. Products can be received 2-3 days after shipment. The delivery address is in the industrial and commercial area, and Hong Kong friends who have received the goods for more than one week can also choose ordinary mailing methods, and the price is more favorable than SF. Friends who choose ordinary mail can contact us in advance. **● Origin / manufacturing methods** Mainland × Made with heart


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