Neck rope (fine rope head section) leather adjustable type - black ID card set identification card / heavy object prohibition

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For identification cards, mobile phones, wallets, etc. are prohibited, please follow the product details!


Xuan Leather

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Neck rope (fine rope head section) leather adjustable type - black ID card set identification card / heavy object prohibition


⊙ / telescopic / There are differences between the western and western, male and female, and each body type. A fixed length neck cord may not be suitable for you. So the studio has been improved and researched. Design a sewing method that is retractable without extra lines. Let our brand neck lanyard suit every friend! 『Product Details 』 ◈ Size: Hand volume is inevitable error, neck rope is adjustable Leather rope section diameter: 3mm (not easy to be stretched when exposed to water) Minimum circumference (one circle): 46cm to maximum circumference (one circle): 93cm This is a photo of the adjustment length, originally a flat leather rope, now improved to a round leather rope ◈Applicable model: General Suede leather: cowhide Quilting line: black ◈内里: none ◈ zipper cloth: no ◈Metal parts color: silver / bronze color Special note: 1. Do not use on mobile phones or other heavier items! Also, don't hang on items that are too wide, and the break is not responsible. 2. This leather cord has been changed to black round leather rope, the surface of which has a leather fiber non-complete cylinder, can not be as smooth as plastic, please pay attention ~ 3. Please ensure that there is enough maintenance oil on the rope, then adjust the length to extend the life. 4. When adjusting the size of the collar, please grasp the leather part on the rope and pull it back together. When adjusting the hour, please pull back one end and then adjust the other end. If the adjustment is completed, please pull one to make the double line part equal length. 5. This product does not include the ID card set. It is only for matching. Please add the card sleeve to the design hall. 『About leather』 Leather is a material that can be used for several years and can be traced back to the primitive era thousands of years ago. Unlike the general plastic bags to be replaced, good maintenance can be unbeaten for a long time! ◈ Once used, there will be normal phenomena of wear or oil consumption, and different traces will be accumulated due to usage habits. ◈Maintenance leather is basically one week of maintenance, not often used once or twice a month. ◈Unusually used leather goods should be placed in the light-free ventilation For example, if you don't have leather care procedures, it is recommended to try not to touch the water, do not put it in the wet place. Do not use organic solvents to clean up, which will cause discoloration ◈Staining color is a subjective concept, and mutual recognition must be poor. Please accept the difference in concept and then purchase. The leather itself has joint marks, scars, and plaques. This is a natural beauty that can be accepted for purchase. "Lettering instructions" / / / This paragraph is not suitable for lettering / / / "package instruction" 为主Mainly clean the carton for secondary recycling, do not purchase large quantities of packaging boxes to save paper use, and protect the earth to be environmentally friendly ◈ Do not purchase beautifully packaged goods, there is still a basic package. If you need gift packaging, please add a special custom packaging at the design gallery. (Add packaging is a cardboard box, please refer to the website: ◈The basic packaging is a retro wrapping bag, and the inner leather parts are completely packaged in transparent bags (the following picture is an example) 『Other instructions』 请Please read the [Design Hall Trading Policy] before purchase. Detailed shipping and after-sales protection instructions ◈If you have any questions or needs, please contact the design office and we will serve you as soon as possible. 请Please note the order in any order. If there is no remark, the design cover is not responsible. 非7-day appreciation period is not a trial period. If you want to return, please do not open the inner transparent bag. ◈ Items will affect the image presentation due to computer settings and shooting light. The status of the item is subject to the actual object. ◈All leather studios will retain the right to disclose the image. If you are unwilling to disclose it, please inform us, but the studio still has the right to publicly distribute it. ◈Handmade products can't be accurate for each piece, and they will leave hand marks, such marks and knock marks, not to be included in the range. ◈ Studio reserves the right to change the style and accept orders. In case of any outstanding matters, the seller’s reply is subject to ~ Thank you for your patience to read ~ Have a good day!


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