QMAT MIT grey yoga mat fitness exercise mat core training mat exercise mat POE rebound anti-slip

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➢ Double-sided anti-slip, changeable colors, and texture to improve touch ➢ Yoga cushions provide stable posture, cushioning and protection effects ➢Good elasticity, strong rebound force, stable jumping action reaction force ➢ Good anti-slip, soft texture,



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QMAT MIT grey yoga mat fitness exercise mat core training mat exercise mat POE rebound anti-slip


Sports have always been seen as boring and persistent. QMAT hopes that before everyone starts enjoying sports, the first task is to prioritize the selection of suitable items. Famous brand or tide brand products only attract you / you at first glance, and the company that accompanies you / you for a long time will be the influence of the product itself. The changes of yoga mats can be changed from appearance, material and texture, color and even specifications. If you are looking for texture and simplicity, then a monochromatic yoga mat will be your first choice. The texture is not seen from the gorgeous packaging, but the physical feel of the yoga mat from your body. At the same time we make the product, we hope not to burden the planet. Packaging is always pure and simple. Put your heart and energy on the product itself, so that the beauty of the movement continues. / Gray, one of the representative colors juxtaposed with black and white. Light gray to dark gray, the layers are stacked, let us see amazing color changes, If you like this color and love sports, or if you are ready to start sports, it will definitely win your heart. / ✔ If you are an aerobic group, you definitely need: The core muscle groups most commonly heard are the abdomen, back and pelvis, which are responsible for stable functions. For example, some actions such as knee flexion, hand extension, jumping, and turning can make the best movement performance. For whole-body sports such as lifting dumbbells or sticks, you need a core to stabilize your movements. ✔ If you are an anaerobic group, you absolutely need: Most of the anaerobic is like the equipment exercises in the gym. It strengthens muscles and muscle strength, and strengthens speed and explosive power in a short time. It can not only train lean body, sculpture curve, and perform explosive and high-intensity sports in a short time. ✵ Product information ✵ ➼Product name: Yoga mat, exercise mat, fitness mat, training mat, exercise mat ➼Product color: such as options ➼Product specifications: 10mm (thickness + -0.1mm) x 60cm (width) x 180cm (length) 成分 Commodity composition: POE environmental protection material, which is better than the common materials of PVC, NBR, TPE on the market. ➼Commodity weight: 1-1.3 (kg) ➼Product accessories: middle EVA drawstring, storable back mesh bag 特性 Commodity characteristics: strong resilience, good resilience, soft and tough, bright color and unique taste. ➼Cautions: Avoid exposure to the sun or places where the sunlight can shine indoors. ➼Made in and Made in: Taiwan (Made In Taiwan) ➼ Applicable objects: those engaged in yoga, aerobic exercise, fitness exercise, can be used as roller yoga mats. ➼ Delivery method: Home delivery only ➼Cleaning method: ✦Weekday cleaning: wipe after washing with water, dry in a ventilated place; do not expose to sunlight when not in use. ✦Key maintenance: use alcohol-free, non-irritating ingredients dishwashing detergent, neutral detergent brush.


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