Nobilé aristocratic diffuser <limited 62% off>

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- No water, no heating, the most natural way to spread the fragrance. - Operate for 2 minutes, stop for 1 minute, and automatically shut down the setting for 2 hours, effectively saving the amount of essential oil. - Knob switch for free adjustment of the



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Nobilé aristocratic diffuser &lt;limited 62% off&gt;


|Original price $3980, <62% off surprise> $2490| | Four major advantages | The principle of no water, no heating, no dilution, no deterioration is used to expand the fragrance and use the physical principle to retain the most complete fragrance and effect of the essential oil in the most natural way. |The advantage of diffuser | ◆ Physical expansion - 100% play the fragrance effect of essential oils ◆ Easy to operate - easy to operate and not cumbersome ◆ Rapidly spread the fragrance - the rate of expansion is immediate, immediately open and spread immediately ◆ Rich and long-lasting - pure and long-lasting fragrance ◆ Safety-safe DC voltage national electrical safety certification ◆ Quiet - operating noise below 35 decibels does not affect sleep ◆ Timing - built-in intermittent time control function and automatic shutdown ◆ Power saving - power consumption below 3W is extremely energy-saving ◆ Taiwan's strict selection - carefully selected materials Taiwan craft ◆ Provide one year warranty. |Product Specifications| Glass color: pure and transparent LED color: seven colors Base: wood color Place of Origin: Taiwan Design / Manufacturing Range of spread: below 25 ping Input voltage: AC100~240V Output voltage: DC12V Power consumption: less than 5W Current: less than 300mA Product weight: about 424g |Product Accessories| Oil collection cap, special cleaning dropper, power transformer, essential oil spreader bottle, essential oil spreader base | Essential oil use precautions| ◆ Do not use essential oils containing massage oils such as jojoba oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, etc. ◆ Please avoid using woody essential oils with high consistency, such as sandalwood, benzoin, etc., or do general cleaning immediately after use to prevent nozzle clogging. ◆ Please use pure natural plant essential oils. Do not use perfumes containing perfumes, flammable solvents, synthetic fragrances, or greases containing impurities or solids to avoid malfunction and danger. ◆ Please add an appropriate amount of essential oil according to the frequency of use. Do not add too much essential oil at a time. Long-term contact between essential oil and air will cause the oil to oxidize or become thicker and cause the nozzle to clog. The recommended dosage is 20 drops per time. Hours or so. | Diffuse instrument use precautions | ◆ Pure plant essential oils must be used. ◆ Do not exceed the nozzle height when dropping essential oil. ◆ Be sure to place it in a stable and safe place while the unit is running. ◆ Please be careful not to attach the essential oil to the base to avoid malfunction or surface corrosion. ◆ Do not disassemble or modify this product by yourself. Do not move the body during use. ◆ When not in use for a long time, please carry out deep cleaning and keep it in a safe place. ◆ Please clean regularly according to the cleaning method shown in the manual. Blocking the air outlet may cause the unit to malfunction. ◆ This product is only applicable to transformers supplied by the original manufacturer. Using other transformers may cause damage to the body. ◆ Avoid continuous use for a long time. Please turn off the power for at least 60 minutes after each use for 120 minutes to prevent the motor from overheating and damage (this product has 120 minutes automatic shutdown setting). ◆ Do not be in a high temperature place such as the sun, heater or fire source, or at an unstable place or height such as a floor mat, quilt or slope to avoid malfunction, abnormal operation or damage to the surrounding environment. And the main body host is damaged. |Notes| ◆ The products of the company are all new products. They are strictly tested before shipment. Please read the attached manual carefully before use. ◆ Do not place the diffuser in a damp space or in a direct sunlight to prevent the diffuser parts from being damaged by moisture or rust or causing deterioration of the essential oil. ◆ Place the diffuser in a stable and safe place and keep it out of reach of young children. ◆ This product is only applicable to the transformer provided by the company. The use of other transformers may cause damage to the body. ◆ It is recommended that the essential oil should be used for 20 hours each time. It can be used for about 2 hours. Please add the appropriate amount of essential oil according to the frequency of use. Because the long-term contact between the essential oil and the air will cause the oil to oxidize or the consistency becomes high, causing the nozzle to block. ◆ Please use pure natural essential oils, do not use chemical or synthetic fragrances that are harmful to humans. ◆ Do not use or add essential oils containing massage oil. The viscous liquid will cause poor spread and blockage. ◆ If you use it for two hours a day, it is recommended to clean it once a week and increase the number of cleanings according to the frequency of use. If it is not used for a long time, please carry out deep cleaning and keep it in a safe place. |Manufacturing Process Production| Every diffuser is made from wooden molding, glass firing, and internal assembly tubes, all produced in Taiwan. Diffuser base manufacturing process:


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