Cool refreshing summer essential pet towel L (fresh green trees)

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Cool refreshing summer essential pet towel L (fresh green trees)

Oh come long-awaited refreshing cool towel finally listed!
Cool towel for the patented double-layer design,
Inner high-density thin waterproof fabric allows complete protection refrigerant sealed achieve the effect of the extension of time.
Most importantly, the waterproof layer to prevent the retreat of ice-cold agent, let cool towels not dripping wet, not back wet!
Wet dog will not only uncomfortable but also easy on the dog smell bad skin oh ~
The outer layer is the use of South Korean imports of fabric, medium thickness, washed wrinkle easily deformed,
Usually padded material is too thin not only washed, crumpled, support cold agent weight is not enough.
So we choose medium thickness, without prejudice to convey a sense of cool, cool to the dog comfortable temperature.
360-degree wound collar design, to provide a sense of cool Mao Haizi enough zero's dead!
Adjustable elastic rope design, can be adjusted according to pet neck circumference.
There are a lot of master asked, feeling too cold agent will not be too heavy?
In fact, we hand pick, there must be a feeling of weight on,
But the dog is to be contained on the neck with the body to support the weight of the feeling is not the same ~
So do not worry about little master! In case still feel too heavy,
A total of five pockets, you can choose to only put two or three!
There are cool towel compartment design so afraid of cold-agent running around :)

⭐️ music Frierson an idea to tell you, the more ice-cold products are not better Oh!
Too much ice you will feel comfortable with the dog? 😂 people would like to get a frostbitten ice cubes in your body feeling (the same reason)

✔️ high texture cold-agent 50g Japan
The size of the cool towel can hold 5, a total of 250g / each comes with 10 cold-agent
Large cool towel can hold six, a total of 300g / each comes with 12 cold-agent
(Paul refrigerant can be reused)

✔️ size
52cm in size M
L large size 62cm

✔️ Madou Found
[Brother] law meatballs fighting 4Y, weight 14KG, wearing M No. obedient fit to wear No. L loose.
Meatballs With getting older, physical strength is not as in the past,
Once upon a time in the evening we took him to Riverside Park for a walk, and later saw him breathe very wrong (like asthma, sound very scary)
We quickly took her carriage on air conditioners to blow him until water was tongue meatballs are purple, even without the strength to rise (whole head is hanging down).
Was really scared silly! After good insurance meatballs slowly restored.
Since the summer, the summer heat is good for us important commodity ~~~~
Ghost Ship of this experience really do not have to do, in order to Mao Haizi good summer heat really want to pay attention to their situation :)
Our products will be tested by itself is no problem began to sell, immediately put on a meatball brother fell asleep (no exaggeration!)
Ice cool Su Hu Good Good sleep, not afraid of hot summer loose!

The special structure of the new patent application ®
▼ inner waterproof design
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan handmade


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