Peas Succulents And Groceries - Crazy Grocery Series - Round Linger

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[Circular Lingxian fairy combination] Lingge decoration unbeaten decoration, let you in a small corner, quietly accompan



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Peas Succulents And Groceries - Crazy Grocery Series - Round Linger


[product specification and size]
*DIY self-planting (need to inform the designer planting)
* No drainage hole
* Outer size: 9cm in height and 8cm in height (without plant height)
* 1. 4 random cacti (photo-based plants, if there is a shortage of designers will be matched with a suitable succulent plant)
2 random animal ornaments
3. The right amount of special soil for a small package
*The size of the plant body is mainly based on the farm's cultivation spot, and the size of the photo is first-in, first-out, and the plants are not returned for sale.
*January to May is the flowering season, but flowering may not necessarily occur during shipment
*Plant is a living product and does not apply to 7-day appreciation service and return service.
* It is impossible to mail plants and soil because it is shipped abroad due to phytosanitary regulations
[more meat special soil]
It also sells more meat-rich soil to better take care of your succulents
Large package of succulent plant special soil
Small package of succulent plant special soil

[Multi-meat planting notes]
(1) When succulent plants and cactus are transplanted, some wounds will be produced. Since the wounds are afraid of water, the first watering of the transplants will be 5 days after each transplant.
(2) The watering cycle is to water once every 15-20 days
(3) Succulents are outdoor plants, and the conservation of the environment is as much as possible outdoors. The part of the cactus can also be indoors, but still give them sunbathing.
(4) The holey flower is watered until the water flows out, and the excess water of the pad is drained and kept dry.

[Transport packaging method]
*All the parcels are delivered using the post office pigeons and arrive every other day.
* There will be a high temperature in summer, and the purchaser must bear the risk of stuffy plants stuffing. If you receive the package, please open it as soon as possible and do not delay.
* Ensure that the plants are in good condition and do not ship on Fridays. They will be shipped until next Tuesday and will not be delivered due to a week off on the 2nd.
* Plants will be used to send soil off the pot, Peas will pack as much as possible, because they can not control the delivery process, there will be normal leaf off conditions!
* For environmental protection appeal, Peas is a simple packaging that prevents collision.
* The planting group has been planted. Peas will be packed as much as possible. However, during the delivery process, the delivery process cannot be controlled. If there is any knockdown, I am really sorry!
Please tell Peas if there is a tipping condition. Peas will help you grow back!
Hand-made flower, self-propelled farm, guaranteed to give you the freshest meat!
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Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan Taoyuan


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