Parent-child) Print a red turtle

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Making ravioli, eating ravioli, and savoring the festive stories behind it! We will know the rice in Taiwan together with our children. Starting from the process of making glutinous rice, we will make a red turtle turtle by hand and understand the signific
ไต้หวัน / Taoyuan City
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Parent-child) Print a red turtle


For more than two groups, you can ask for the time by private message. Welcome to work on weekdays! **◤Itinerary information** The most commonly used counterfeit products in early Taiwan worship are red turtles! In addition to the birthdays of gods such as the first birthday of the ninth of January and the second birthday of the second of February, the red tortoise can be seen at important moments in life, such as age, marriage, and longevity in Taiwan's life etiquette. Joy in! **◤Itinerary content** Inheritance has always been one of the things that Shuangkou Lu Culture Kitchen wants to do. We hope to bring festivals and rice culture back to Taiwanese families in a new way. In this parent-child hand-made itinerary, in addition to covering the red tortoise owl by feeling the temperature, we also added a bit of temperature to the itinerary, and will take the children to know the little red tortoise owl in an interactive and lively way . **① Know Taiwanese rice**In addition to the rice we eat in Taiwan, in fact, there are all kinds of rice with different varieties and characteristics. Used in different rice products, we will know our Taiwanese rice together with our children! **② Get to know the mold**Together with the children, get to know the most important tool for making red turtle 粿 —the mold. **③ Hand-made red turtle 粿**(6 little red turtle 粿): Mix two different varieties of Taiwanese rice into a rice slurry, drain it to become a "slim", and take the child to knead by feeling the temperature Make the red turtle tortoise shell skin (not noodle skin! It ’s important to say three times!) And wrap in your own fried red bean filling. The red turtle tortoise shell is stamped with a turtle shape, and then lined with the leaves collected from the backyard of the Sanheyuan, and finally cooked in the large stove! The red tortoise, who ca n’t finish eating, takes it home to share with his family, and also blesses himself and the people around him “Happy tortoise (long time) is long”. **④ Tell the story of the festival**Why did Taiwan make and eat red turtles in the agricultural era? This is what we want to convey to our children. In addition to the experience in the Sanheyuan, you can also learn about the festive stories represented by the red turtle turtle. **⑤ Sanheyuan walk**In addition to demolishing a factory or apartment, the unused Sanheyuan can also regenerate the beautiful old house space. Let the children understand with us the intention and original intention of Shuangkou Lu Culture Kitchen to promote and inherit the rice culture, and also look at the glory of the old items in it. **◤ Itinerary price**$ 2,000 / group The whole process must be performed by an adult and a child. Price includes: welcome tea & cakes, storytelling, handmade experience and ingredients. At the end of the trip, they will take away the handmade red turtle tortoise, as well as a package of glutinous rice flour for parents and a mysterious gift for children. A red turtle tortoise recipe specially designed for parents and children will be provided for everyone to share with their children Handmade at home. **◤Itinerary Features** -The cooking class of "粿" in Sanheyuan, hand-made traditional rice products in traditional Taiwanese architecture, and taste the festival story behind it -Handmade content changes with festivals, experience rice products in different festivals in Taiwan -Not only hand-made, but also the local rice, sugar and ingredients, as well as Taiwan culture and festivals -Glutinous rice is soaked in water, refined, and dried before use. Non-glutinous rice flour is used! -Provide Chinese and English teaching -Use a large stove to cook and smoke in a traditional kitchen **◤Use ingredients** Θ Xiu Ming agricultural method of pesticide-free and fertilizer-free cultivation of round glutinous rice Θ Organic Taoyuan No. 3 Rice Θ Resume does not use defoliant Taiwan red beans Θ Housewife Alliance Taiwan Sugar Θ Red lotus root powder Θ Grass made dried grass water I hope that with your consumption, we encourage these farmers and professionals who are willing to treat Taiwan land with "friendly farming" and leave us with the next generation of less polluted soil. **◤Shuangkou Lu Culture Kitchen Introduction** Do 粿 粿, New Year's Day. Promote and inherit the rice food culture of the Minke ethnic group, make ravioli, eat ravioli in the Sanheyuan, and taste the festival story behind it. Looking forward to bringing traditional rice products back to our daily life! **◤Other Information** ∮ The event will provide an apron for adults and children to wear at hand. 大家 Please bring a reusable container to hold the endless edible turtle. A small move can reduce many plastic bags for children in Taiwan!




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