Elegant floral fragrance │ Nanfa fragrant home essential oil spread incense bamboo │60ml│140ml│240ml

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Lavender from South France Provence, whether you want to linger in the romantic purple grassland, enjoy the fragrance of the quiet purple farm. Pure natural compound essential oil + diffused base - use cosmetic grade volatile liquid.



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Elegant floral fragrance │ Nanfa fragrant home essential oil spread incense bamboo │60ml│140ml│240ml


**[Southern French fragrant home essential oil spread bamboo / Lavender true & spike reed diffusers │ nest trails - elegant floral notes]** Lavender from South France Provence, whether you want to linger in the romantic purple grassland, enjoy the fragrance of a quiet purple farm. Refreshing eye-catching lavender, blending deep scented lavender and alpine pure lavender, let the air instantly achieve a tranquil effect. Lavender is a gentle fragrance that is best suited to create the best soothing soft effect, allowing the body and mind to relax naturally and soothe the tight mood. Natural essential oils are natural, multi-layered, healthy, non-toxic... with an elegant floral scent. No chemical fragrances are added, so it is not pungent or full. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- To improve the atmosphere of the home space, first remove the cork, then put the vine branches into the scented bottle of aromatic oil, and gradually release the pleasant aroma by the absorption and diffusion of the vine branches, so that the indoor space can also feel the outdoor nature. Scented. How to adjust the aroma concentration? Place it according to the number of vine branches. Contains no preservatives, no animal experiments. Do not approach the fire source. Do not move or pour the container at will to avoid spillage of contents. Due to the high concentration of pure essential oils, do not touch them directly onto the skin. Keep it in a cool place away from sunlight and keep it dry. Do not get close to fire and heat, and keep it at a height that children and pets cannot get or touch. ※Aromatic oil: Do not apply directly to the skin and drink. If you feel any abnormality during use, please stop using it immediately. If you accidentally swallow, please drink water immediately and seek medical attention. ※Tengzhi: When replacing the vine branches, please cover them with a tissue or gloves. Do not touch the skin directly. If you accidentally touch the skin, just clean the product and wash it thoroughly. The vine branches are made of natural materials, and the use of the vine branches may cause bending, protrusion, and peeling, which is a normal phenomenon. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- [Usage] Use the vine branch to put it into the scented bottle. The liquid of the scented essential oil in the scented bottle will release the scent through the vine branches, so that the home interior is filled with natural fresh, elegant and charming aroma. The vine branches are placed for about 3 days, and the vine branches can be exchanged up and down. The effect is best! [Ingredients] Nanfa fragrant compound essential oil, isodecane--flavored base, and six primary fragrant bamboos. Top notes: lemon, pink grapefruit, sweet orange Middle Flavor: Variety of Lavender After taste: cedar, patchouli, nutmeg [Specification] 60±6ml, 140±10ml, 240±10ml [Use] Expanding the fragrance of the home interior space [Storage period] 36 months [Place of Origin] MIT Taiwan [Precautions] Do not approach the flammable environment and away from the fire candle, and place it high to avoid the place where children and pets can take or touch. The concentration of essential oils is extremely high and should not be applied directly to the skin. [Storage method] Please keep it in a cool place to avoid sunlight and keep it dry. Do not approach fire sources and high temperatures * After opening, it will not be replaced and returned. * Actual products and photos may differ in color or size. Please refer to the actual product. * Date of manufacture: Please see product label


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