Ice flower red ball

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Christmas Series Salt Lamps|Precious gifts from the Himalayas, exuding positive energy and healing soft light, and using MIT security wires, allowing you to light up 24hr peace of mind and go out with peace of mind



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Ice flower red ball

รายละเอียดสินค้า **Christmas Balls**|Meaningful patterns, each is a blessing, add some comfortable light to your life. Turn on the light and you can admire the shiny shape. — Every Christmas, Christmas music is played on the street, as well as various colorful and creative Christmas tree arrangements and Christmas decorations, creating a warm and warm atmosphere. Many people also took advantage of the festive atmosphere to show love and gratitude to relatives and friends. Why decorate a Christmas tree? What does the decorations on the tree mean? Let's take a look now ●**The star on top of the Christmas tree**● Called the "Star of Bethlehem", it is the most characteristic symbol of Christmas tree decorations. It symbolizes the supernova that appeared during the birth of Jesus and the eternal hope of mankind. ●**Bell**● It is a bell in the hands of a shepherd, meaning that people who are lost can find their way, and it also means to inform the joy of the gospel. ●**Colorful ribbons**● The silver-white color represents holiness, the gold color band represents glory, and various colors also serve as projections of people’s "wishes." ●**Christmas Balls**● The prototype of Christmas balls is an apple, which is like the fruit of wisdom in the Garden of Eden. Apple not only symbolizes fruitful results, but also represents the fruit of happiness and joy. It also brings eternal life to the tree of life in the Garden of Eden, so it also symbolizes eternity. ●**Walking Stick**● The prototype is the cane of the shepherd in the wilderness, and the inverted cane is similar to the initial J of Jesus Jesus, so it also implies Jesus. ●**Bowknot**● It symbolizes that the "love" between each other and the family is closely linked. ●**Circular Christmas Wreath**● The shape has no beginning and no end, symbolizing that God's love for the world has no beginning and no end. **Features of Salt Lamp|** . Purify the air-the salt lamp will release a small amount of negative ions. Place a salt lamp of an appropriate size according to the space, which can purify the indoor air and make the home space more pleasant. . An Ding Xin Ning-the orange light emitted by the salt lamp can relax the body and mind and achieve the effect of soothing emotions. . Reducing humidity-Taiwan is an island country with a humid climate. Salt lamps can help absorb some of the humidity and make the environment more comfortable. . Art Decoration-Ingeniously integrate the gifts of nature into the home life, the salt lamp is the perfect decoration and exquisite artwork. . In Feng Shui, the salt lamp has the functions of preventing evil, attracting wealth, and soothing the nerves. It can expel evil spirits, illuminate wealth and maintain a good magnetic field. **Specifications|** Size: about 9 x 8.5 x diameter 7 cm Total weight: about 1000 g Salt mining area: Pakistan Himalayas mining area **Accessories|** Bulb: 5W E12 bulb Wire: Switch wire **Matters needing attention|** Each salt lamp uses unique natural minerals. The shape, color, size, and texture will not be the same as the picture, and the size and weight will be slightly different. The value is for reference only. The texture, ice pattern, ore shortage and sediment of the appearance of the salt mine are all normal phenomena. It is not a commodity defect. Please place an order if it is acceptable~ *If you like our products, you are welcome to press "Favorite"❤, or "Follow" us to get a discount gift~ *If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us :)


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