Aurli│Hundred-breasted hand flushing pot-old rock mud

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Under the primitive, simple and friendly appearance, there are ever-changing textures. After high temperature quenching, the color shows the awkwardness of the kiln, vigorous and simple, and the imprints of the craftsmen's hands are vaguely revealed. It is rich in ore, namely quartz adobe, which is redox-fired at high temperature. It has a structure simi



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Aurli│Hundred-breasted hand flushing pot-old rock mud


Specifications: Size: 185x90x90mm Weight: 230g Capacity: 340cc Part Number: A03T69200 feature of product: 1. The first hand-washing pot with composite media concept that combines stainless steel spout and ceramic body The world’s first and only hand-washing pot with a composite media concept that combines a stainless steel spout and a ceramic pot body. It has the characteristics of transforming the water quality of pottery materials and the collision resistance of stainless steel equipment, solving the pain points of consumers having good water quality and equipment not being easily damaged. Design, R&D, production, and master key technologies throughout the process, with patents in Taiwan, China, and many countries. 2. The first old rock clay coffee appliance: enrich the coffee experience Through high-temperature oxidation and multiple reduction firing processes, the world's first old rock and mudstone mine hand flushing pot is refined. Laoyan mudstone mine is rich in minerals, feels closer to nature, compatible with activated carbon and medical stone, and enriches your familiar coffee experience. 3. Easy to disassemble, easy to carry and clean The body is compact and easy to store. It can be easily carried with you for travel, camping, office and home. It is easy to disassemble and clean, making your life experience full of economy and efficiency. You don’t have to worry about having good water quality. The spout is damaged. 4. Water injection is stable and smooth The well-designed streamlined spout achieves a stable and smooth water injection. The speed of water injection is within the user's mind, which realizes the perfect experience of human and pot integration, allowing consumers to experience the barista’s 90-degree water injection Whether it’s the slow and meticulous brewing of coffee by hand, or the filling of the ears, Bailian’s hand brewing pot allows the control of the flow rate of hot water to rise to the limit of one-heartedness. Pledge of peace of mind: The safe products are safe to use. The tea sets have passed the SGS heavy metal test. Lead and cadmium have not been detected in the elution, and 33.7 million product liability insurance has been insured. Coffee with utensils: Based on the concept of "product coffee with utensils", the Bailian hand pot has a variety of humanized designs, light and convenient, allowing users to use with one hand, especially when brewing ear hooks. No longer need to worry about coffee splashing around, so you can enjoy the leisurely brewing time calmly. ※This hand pot can be kept warm with candles, please do not heat or boil with an open flame ※Precautions: Average coffee brewing in general cafes: Hanging ear coffee hand 1. Generally, the hanging ears on the market are usually about 10-12 grams. 2. Fill the hand flush pot with hot water at 100°C for about 7~8 minutes (about 290~310c.c). (Usually Lower 5~10℃) 3. Put the hanging ears on the cup and wait until the water temperature is about 90~95℃, then you can brew. 4. Steam with small water column (about 25~30 seconds). 5. The second water injection → the third water injection (small and medium water column is acceptable) 6. When the extraction volume is about 5-6 minutes (about 180-220c.c), the hanging ears can be removed. *If the hanging ears are immersed in coffee, please finish brewing in 30-60 seconds, then the hanging ears can be removed. Coffee filter cup 1. Take 23 grams of coffee beans and grind the scale to 3~3.5. 2. Put the hot water at 100℃ into the hand-flush pot for about 7~8 minutes (about 290~310c.c) (usually 5~10℃), adjust the heating water according to the ratio of water to powder. 3. Pour the coffee powder into the filter cup. 4. When the water temperature is between 85~95℃, it can be brewed. 5. Steaming with small water column (about 25~30 seconds). 6. The second water injection → the third water injection (small and medium water column is acceptable) 7. The extraction volume is about 6~7 minutes (about 250~300c.c), and the filter cup can be removed. "The above ratio can be adjusted according to the flavor" ※Product pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual product ※If you find that the purchased product is defective, please take a picture and keep it, and put the complete main product, accessories, inner and outer packaging, random documents, and gifts together in the original home distribution carton (bag). Do not directly pack it in the original factory Paste paper or write text on it.


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