Police Series - Deer Skeleton 20cm Phnom Penh Bone Porcelain Plate

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Deer Skeleton - Phnom Penh Bone Porcelain Plate Bones - Rowlands The product of habitat destruction after human destruction Empty eyes telling helplessness...


Rabbit Walker

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Police Series - Deer Skeleton 20cm Phnom Penh Bone Porcelain Plate


Deer Skeleton - Phnom Penh Bone Porcelain Plate / Product description and story / https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48118018752_f8e90b306f.jpg Forest Fawn Skeleton - Roland The product of habitat destruction after human destruction Before the birth, he was the first man in the animal world. Of course, the bones are also very beautiful. Animal friend small file: Chinese: Elk (before life) English: Deer Scientific name: Elaphurus davidianus Category: Specimen Distribution: local museums Size: about 2 meters in length and 30 kilograms in weight Average life expectancy: year Endangered state: At present, the total number of the world is about / design concept / The Rabbit Walker series is mainly to convey the destruction of the animals' habitats. Maybe in the future, they can only look at the specimens in the museum. The empty eyes silently accuse... Tired of the unchanging plate? I burned a good dish but couldn’t find a plate that I could match. Then let Rabbit Walker enter your world! Cute animal friends will accompany you to eat a meal~ / Product specifications/ 20cm in diameter / Material / Plate: Bone China (the edge of the plate is hand-painted pure gold) Packing: Brand kraft carton packaging / Origin & Manufacturing Method / MIT Taiwan Design and Manufacture / Use and maintenance methods / ► This product is a bone china appliance. Please use it carefully to avoid falling or knocking on the product. If you are reluctant to use it, you can also set it up as a decorative plate, which is practical and beautiful. ► Although the product is fired at high temperature, do not use the oven and microwave oven because the edge of the disk is pure gold. ► Properly guard against scratches and pass on from generation to generation to protect the planet. / Purchase Notes/ ► Porcelain products appear in the production of small bubbles, small black spots, etc. are normal phenomenon is not awkward, does not affect the aesthetic use, perfectionists please pay attention. Rabbit Walker Porcelain Q&A ▲What is bone china? R Xiaobian: Bone china was originally called bone powder porcelain, which is hereinafter referred to as bone china. It was named after the British invention in 1794 by adding bovine, sheep and other herbivore bone powder to its porcelain clay. Green goods. The bone china product has a hard and durable texture and unique light transmission. The bone powder content of 25% can be called bone china and the Rabbit Walker bone china is a first grade bone china with bone powder content of more than 40%. It is a fine product of the bone china industry. ▲The plate pattern will fall? R Xiaobian: Rabbit Walker, the pattern is melted into the porcelain through the high temperature kiln, the surface is smooth, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, safe to use, no fading. ★ Bone China is a fine porcelain with fine texture. Please use a soft melon cloth to avoid scratching the surface. ▲The plate can be microwaved? R Xiaobian: The product without the gold process can be microwaved without problems! But as long as the products are through the gold process, they are not microwaved! Because the gold edge is 22K pure gold, metal into the microwave will spark with the microwave, please avoid putting it into the microwave to avoid danger. ▲ Is there any poisoning problem in the use of porcelain? R Xiaobian: The company's production plant has passed the SGS test and passed the US FDA food device container packaging hygiene standard test. We use international standards to test, so that users can feel at ease.


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