UK Price&Kensington Coffee Tea Cup 4 Piece Set

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UK Price&Kensington Teacup Set (2 cups and 2 plates) Original price: $1500 Special price: 990/group ■ Specifications: diameter 10cm X height 7.5cm ■ Material: Ceramic



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UK Price&Kensington Coffee Tea Cup 4 Piece Set


UK Price&Kensington Teacup Set (2 cups and 2 plates) Original price: $1500 Special price: 990/group ■ Specifications: diameter 10cm X height 7.5cm ■ Material: Ceramic ■ Brand introduction: From the British century brand Price & Kensington, since 1896, specializing in the production of all kinds of afternoon tea utensils, sweet and soft design and color, loved and praised by European afternoon tea lovers. ❤️店长选物: For the Price&Kensington afternoon tea series, it is sweet and lovely, very popular, elegant bump lines with floral colors of rose and lilac color, the British style is strong, can't help but invite three or five friends, make a beautiful table, and share sweetness Elegant afternoon tea time! 📌This product is sold without shooting props. The other series of products are colored by hand. There may be a slight color difference between the plate and the cup. Don't mind if you order it! .................................................. .................................................. ■ Please note before purchase: The glazes on the surface of clay and ceramics differ from the coefficient of thermal expansion and shrinkage, and due to the presence of minerals, local cracks naturally occur on the surface. Local cracking, not the crack inside the pottery itself, is similar to the case of ice cracking glaze. Due to the natural changes of each batch of glaze, the shrinkage rate of the soil, the temperature of the kiln is different, and the glaze will be produced under the change of season. Ice cracks are particularly prone to occur in winter. Sometimes ceramics will increase over time, for example, after many days, weeks, months, or even years, cracks will gradually appear. The appearance of ice cracks is no problem in use. Ice cracks, sometimes due to the age marks, add a sense of old time for pottery, it can be said that there is a flavor. Most of the products we import are retro style, so please pay attention to the production methods. Different products may have the following characteristics, such as glaze and colored or hand-applied bowls, occasionally small unevenness, occasional clay in the production process. When it is stuck in the cup, it is fired, or the bottom ring is occasionally stuck to some clay or may have slight corners and slight scratches, or black spots, and ceramics are fired at high temperature to avoid ceramics. Burst, sometimes piercing holes, are the wear and tear phenomenon in the normal production process. According to the original shipping standards, products with the above characteristics will be regarded as good products, please consider carefully before buying, thank you!


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