Ringo. 貓圪学堂 Explicit F6. Cat ─ Japanese craftsmanship craftsmanship wrapping bag / cape / handcuffs / oblique shoulder back / cute / 貓咪 / reconstructing / antique white

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Mingseong-in Myeon F6. Cat ─ Japanese craftsmanship crafting mouthpiece package 這是Ringo Special request, Yu Kyoto ─ Gamaguchi-like industrial technician 傅 Pure handicraftsmanufacturing English escort guard's mouthpiece, Kabusesei daily outing oblique shoulder sack, Ya yea yea special case sewn in addition to sir.



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Ringo. 貓圪学堂 Explicit F6. Cat ─ Japanese craftsmanship craftsmanship wrapping bag / cape / handcuffs / oblique shoulder back / cute / 貓咪 / reconstructing / antique white


Mingseong-in Myeon F6. Cat ─ Japanese craftsmanship crafting mouthpiece package Special request for 這是Ringo, YU Kyoto-Gamaguchi's technician, master craftsman, Jun handicraft, production of the English guards' mouthpiece, Kata's daily outing oblique shoulder sack, and ya can be special case. [Product information] ▸ Gakugakuin-style Myojo F6. Cat ─ Japanese craftsmanship crafting mouthpiece package ▸ Scale: W25×D4.5×H15cm; inner bag*2 ▸ Material: Outer fabric: Ringo original material-100% cotton; 奧襯: Nekozu Colored green pine stones-100% 嫘縈 (difficult brushed ball, soft texture) ▸ Back material: Pure cowhide (adjustable) ▸Capacity: Hand machine, long shaving (20 cm or more), sanitary paper, mouth slipper, embroidered gadget accessory etc. [Shakoku handicraft surveying, possible minor differences, repurchasing after confirmation of contract. ] - [Cleaning method] ◈ canvas ◈ ► Using a part of canvas, using a small amount of tusks and shavings, fertilizing water, pickling, used dry cloth, dried water, dried in the air, immediately dried in the natural environment, ready to use, free of contracts, dry, directly dried Cloth, degree of indecency Taiko), YA unnecessary direct exposure. ► Fluorescent or bleaching cleanliness containing unavoidable use. - ◈ leather ◈ ► Leather products, such as water-drying or low-drying at the time of requesting water, before cleansing cloth wrapping, usable preserving membrane wrapping leather, evacuation-free water. ► Everyday-use transparent leather oil rub wipe. - [Caution: Gokan] ► Color difference ◈ Permissible work Miname Minoru Taiki, work cause screen, indicator setting non-metaphysical Minor color difference, re-purchased by contactee. ►Difference ◈ Because of the work, Japanese handicraft production, subtle disparity, one achievement per piece All works are unique and unique. ► Inhana ◈ Enveloped Japanese craftsmanship, hand-made materials, Inhana flower court cut, uncertain Akira Kazuhito Ichiban position, sought pursuit Kazuhito Kazuichi, re-repurchased in consideration of a perfectionist. ► Leather ◈ Dermal spine color Akizawa Akihabara Time of use Happiness Kafuka, average and natural natural oil, Ryo Mitsuzawa, normal phenomenon. ► Hand-crafted improper disagreement, perfectionist, high-ranking person and unlawful waiter, Sengokushigogo re-downmark, downright purchase Immediate consent Debate. - [Cash at the coin] ► Hand-crafted heavy-duty quality subdivision, start every other day after the completion of the revision, complete production, perfection of about 7 pieces, non-inclusion 6 days and regular national holidays. ► Each country's overseas network Purchasing outlet purchase rate is irrelevant, Relief Haikou nuclear fixed demand is attached. ► Included weight protection, accidental battering damage during escape. - [Withdrawal of money; K., Y. Gonin] ► Commodities already used, traces of taste, artificial or artificial creation, unlawful withdrawal, etc. ► Non-contact acceptance Individual personal factors Unreasonable retreat, Ringo's watchful work, YA hopeful human ability feeling received, handmade harmony and sincerity. ► Goods with short and short lines Normal phenomenon, unfavorable use, non-withdrawal reason. ► Commodity processing, such as: pruning, cleaning, sewing...etc. ► The appreciation period is received every other day, the product is calculated every other day (7 days inclusive), the appraisal period is non-trial period, the product is used by Wakagae, and the illegally accepted withdrawal. ► Ruyi demand retreat, 7 天耧 after the arrival of the contract, “application withdrawal”, parallel goods (buyer's own shipping cost). ► Retired goods contract recovery-to-be-recovered products Primitive state, Inclusive goods body, deal, package, gift, etc. ► Out-of-order paper box complete packaging, shipping directly to the home, or delivery of letters or letters on the product packaging, young packaging loss, unlawful withdrawal, and paying attention to refund. - 這邊 讙 聙 聙 蔙, hope hope 聙 明 都 滿 轠 question, Hopefulness complete re-evaluation, neat and clean rule guarantee, Insufficient capital assistance private inquiry, 貓耑耑快踥氣た傲岌的貓咪們口金包帶回家.


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