Year of the Rabbit red envelope customized red envelope bag handwritten hand-painted company business/work

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กระดาษ ถุงอั่งเปา/ตุ้ยเลี้ยง สีแดง - Year of the Rabbit red envelope customized red envelope bag handwritten hand-painted company business/work


𓆸**Customized pattern or LOGO + handwritten content hot fog gold red envelope bag**𓆸 Welcome companies, studios, restaurants to order You can place your own trademark and signboard You can also combine rabbit illustrations to design a red envelope that is more in line with the brand~ Currently**20**sheets can be ordered! ! ! (Please slide down the product description for the price) // Do not place an order by yourself, only after confirmation from the designer// 🧧🐰 Year of the Rabbit spot style 🐰🧧 common problem: **1. How to order?** Please click "Contact Designer" directly And inform whether you need to add a logo (free) or use public illustrations (free) Or you need to purchase an additional design of the Year of the Rabbit pattern (additional total charge starts from $300) And content, quantity, for valuation If you need to apply public illustrations or content, you can directly inform which illustrations and content **2. What is the minimum number? Can it be different?** A minimum of 20 sheets must be "same type" **3. How much is the price?** According to the scope and quantity of bronzing Please refer to the price list below Half-page: bronzing range within 40 square centimeters (for example, 10x4cm) Full version: within 120 square centimeters of bronzing range (eg 15x7cm) Scroll down and there are explanatory pictures for reference **4. The price of 300 sheets for the three types is a reference to 300 sheets?** No, the price lists all require the same content So it should be the price of 100 sheets x3 ✿Material✿ Made with 110p Leni paper stock Size about 9x18cm The color is calm dark red The pictures and texts with hot fog gold are very suitable! Also available in higher poundage paper Also available in pearlescent star magic paper, velvet, and all-gold Please private message quantity and demand ~ ✿Foil Stamping Color✿ We choose hot fog gold (not the common bright gold) The overall effect is relatively textured and attractive The reviews in previous years were very good~ //There are also Silver and gold options. Basically, if there is no specified replacement, all of them are**fog gold**.// ✿ Order Time✿ At present, the general package is 5-10 working days (will be shipped before the year) Expedited delivery within 4 working days requires additional purchase Additional $500 for less than 300 sheets From 300 sheets, an additional $500 will be charged It is recommended that you order as soon as possible~~ To enjoy a 10% discount! The event is only until 1/1🤎 Other Content Sample References Year of the Rabbit: 1. Money and rabbits are like brocade, everything is fine. 2. HAPPY Rabbit YEAR. 3. Lucky luck and blessings, welcome the spring jade rabbit. 4. Spring is full of blessings, and good luck rabbits (all) come. 5. Lucky rabbits are long, and the years are rich for a year. 6. The good luck in the Year of the Rabbit is unstoppable, and you will be successful and rich. 7. The Year of the Rabbit is auspicious, and everything will happen. 8. I wish you the Year of the Rabbit, with a big wallet and windy walks. 9. Rabbits come and go, wishing to have huge sums of money. 10. Hongtu's big show, all bad things flash. 11. The Year of the Rabbit is blessed with good luck every day. 12. Send a rabbit in the Year of the Rabbit, and get rich together this year. 13. This bag of rabbit U brings wealth. 14. Costco in the Year of the Rabbit. Wannian general model: 1. The virus subsides, health and prosperity. 2. HAPPY NEW YEAR 3. Wealth is prosperous, good luck is prosperous, every day is full of good hope! 4. Laugh often, good luck always. 5. Eat well, sleep well, be innocent and worry-free! 6. With an annual income of tens of millions, you are not afraid of running out of money. 7. Good luck in the new year, health and happiness! 8. Good luck every day, and there is a good sign in life! 9. Great wealth, great honor and great blessing 10. Good fortune, wealth and peach blossoms arrive 11. Good luck and good luck. 12. In the new year, I will love you for ten thousand years (love) 13. Blessings are like the East China Sea, and happiness comes when all hardships are gone. 14. Drink one hundred and two healthy and smile every day. 15. Laugh often, good luck always. 16. Live life hard and move forward 17. Eat well, dress warmly, and be safe 18. Lucky stars shine brightly, good luck arrives 19. New year, please advise 20. I wish you a beautiful chapter in the new year, and the sun shines every day. 21. Every day is a good day. 22. Happy New Year, happy every day. 23. Good luck, youthful vitality! ! 24. Good luck, good luck 25. Thank you for everything, it's nice to have you! 26. A hundred years of good harmony, a long-term harmony. ✿ Special Reminder✿ Hot stamping is printed by embossing So the reverse side of the red envelope will be a little overwhelming This is normal! ! Please confirm before placing an order♥️ Any questions please contact the designer~ //The above are all copyrights of Curly Curly, reprinting, application and embezzlement must be investigated//


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