Smell on vacation, travel, smell, walk, distill, see, learn sake, drink

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Bring your nose into the daily scenery of the settlement, feel and appreciate ~ what kind of interesting scenery people in the city are connected with aroma, watch, listen, smell, taste-
ไต้หวัน / Taipei City
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Smell on vacation, travel, smell, walk, distill, see, learn sake, drink


{ABOUT THE SMOKING WAY} Meet at the MRT Little Dome Station (Smell and plants along the road) —> Pick up your heart (on-site distillation & small handicrafts) —> Takimoto Sake House (Japanese sake) END ★ Suitable for good friends or men and women who meet the wind at random ★ For friends who know or do n’t know from afar, who want to find opportunities to gather and play // I. Scent Walk In the pleasant afternoon, walk from Exit 3 of MRT Taipei Little Dome Station to the settlement, and be led by the settlement partner. The road is covered with white clover and stiff camphor trees to pick up the wind. I smelled it, I felt the fresh wind, and I bent down to meet the low-rise tulip tree ... We pay attention to the smell of trees and grass all the way to the corner of the market ... and feel the changes in the scenery of the various neighborhoods that capture the neighborhood. II. The birth and healing of the essential oils Wondering how essential oils are extracted? The Settlement Aromatic Laboratory will be regularly open to learn, and selected small-scale farmers' aromatic plants in the season will perform essential oil distillation. From the preparation of materials to the process of seeing essential oils from scratch, they can also bring back freshly extracted essential oils of the day . Winter theme from December to January [Sweet Orange] III. Aroma bunches Take a few steps to the Japanese sake specialty store frequented by the settlement partners, skewer the door with the aroma, drink three or two cups, and look for the aroma in the wine. There will always be unexpected gains. Small trip on holiday. / Special cooperation plan Bistro UN 酉 元 店 Sake & Shochu The Japanese pubs near the settlement, the settlement partners like to have a drink and listen to the story of the store owner Kay about the wine. Which wine is made, the characteristics of the body ... Of course, the aroma of the wine. It is a great process to communicate the imagination of the aroma of the same wine with each other- # 休 日 小小 旅行 | Workshop Information | -Time, 01/18 Saturday 3pm 2.5-3hr -Location, Meet at Taipei Dome Station Exit 3 -Number of people, 6-12 people -Fee, 1680 / person, 1480 / person for two -Contains distilled materials, small tea, hand-made teaching, and sake tasting * Six people can book a class, please contact us for information




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