String series sun stone blonde crystal kyanite bracelet ore crystal

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14kgf / copper plated 14k gold / sun stone / blonde crystal / kyanite


Hanhan Jewelry

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String series sun stone blonde crystal kyanite bracelet ore crystal


|Material / Material| 14kgf / copper plated 14k gold / sun stone / blonde crystal / kyanite *Sunstone Sunstone Sunstone is also called the feldspar. Like the moonstone, it is the feldspar family. Sunstone has been considered to have a close relationship with the sun since ancient times. People respect it as a gem that symbolizes the sun. It is believed to trigger the great energy of the sun. . Stone energy: The sun stone corresponds to the solar plexus (gastric wheel), and the sun stone can penetrate into the most subtle places, healing the wounds that are not even realized by oneself. General wear can enhance confidence and ability, and firmly face all challenges. *Rituated quartz The crystal is also called needle crystal. The transparent crystal contains needles in it. It is symbiotic with other minerals and produces different needle-like color. The more common ones are red hair crystal, blonde crystal/yellow hair/titanium crystal. , green hair crystal, black crystal (formed by black tourmaline), the main origin is Brazil, Australia, China. Stone energy: Blonde crystal / titanium / yellow hair crystal corresponds to the solar plexus (gastric wheel), can eliminate the negative energy that hinders success, lift the frame of self, and rekindle. You can recruit positive wealth and partial wealth, help your career, and be extremely powerful, and can help make correct and wise decisions. * Kyanite Kyanite The name of kyanite comes from the Greek word "kyanos", which means blue. Stone energy: Kyanite corresponds to the throat wheel, which helps people express themselves and communicate with each other. For some people in confusion, kyanite can help them solve puzzles, strengthen logic and thinking ability, and eliminate fear, hallucinations, anger, frustration and stress. Kyanite is an excellent harmonizing stone and meditation stone, a gentle and powerful conductor, a high-frequency energy amplifier, and supernatural power and intuitive stimuli. Crystal therapy believes that kyanite can quickly align with the wheel hole and the spirit body, and the essence of the human body meridians, so that the body organs return to vitality. Since kyanite does not retain negative energy, it does not require degaussing and is convenient to use. Many people believe that it is good for body, mind and spirit. | Natural ore needs to know | The texture and color of each and every natural ore are different, which is the fascinating place of natural ore. Each type of ore has a different hardness. Avoid wearing it or wearing it to avoid fragmentation. Natural ore will have more or less ice cracks, lack of defects or the problem of the beads being out of round. We will pick them up if they are seriously paralyzed. |Dimensions / Specifications | Bead size 6mm |Hand size | Customized, please note the size of the hand. |Hand circumference measurement| The hand circumference is calculated in centimeters. Please measure with a tape measure around the circle. What we need is the true size, so don't use it too loose or too tight. |Product Packaging| Each item comes with branded packaging, which is perfect for personal use or gift giving. |ABOUT HANHAN JEWELRY| The origin of Hanhan's name is that my Chinese name is translated from Han. This is the nickname of my deceased father, and the name is full of love for me. I will use this name to name it. I want to continue my efforts with my father’s expectations for me, let my father treat me. This love continues. The main idea that Hanhan Jewelry wants to convey is positive power, confidence and hope. Sometimes it's just a thought, an idea, a change, the mood will be very different, live in the moment, enjoy life, Wear it Enjoy your life! Have you found that our brand logo has a smile? Smiley is a pattern that I like very much. It can bring me a very powerful force. The smile is what we all have. Don't give someone a smile. Smile is contagious. Smile will make you feel good. |Services | ・We have perfect after-sales service, so we don't have to worry about repair, modification and maintenance after purchase. ・We have a free service for simple maintenance and replacement of elastic silk. ・Maintenance and modification will be charged at the discretion of the situation. You can contact us for valuation first. |Maintenance method| Silver/silver ・The best maintenance method is to wear it every day, because the body oil can make the silverware produce a natural and lustrous luster. ・When wearing silver, avoid wearing other precious metals at the same time to avoid collision deformation or scratches and scratches. ・The hot springs are forbidden to wear silverware, and the hot springs will oxidize and blacken the silverware. ・When not wearing, use a silver cloth to remove dirt and place it in a zipper bag to avoid contact with air. ・If the silverware has been oxidized very seriously and cannot be wiped clean with a silver cloth, please send it back to us for maintenance. We have perfect after-sales service. Brass / brass ・Brass is oxidized like silver. Brass is oxidized and turns into a retro bronze color, especially in the summer sweaty climate. Brass can quickly oxidize with sweat. ・The most convenient way to restore the gloss is to use a toothpaste to wipe it. Use a soft bristle to gently wipe the toothpaste. After cleaning, please use a hair dryer to completely dry the jewelry. When not wearing it, place it in a zipper bag to avoid Air contact. ・Another method is to use copper oil to wipe, take a dry cloth and wipe it with copper oil. After cleaning, use soap to clean it once. After cleaning, use the hair dryer to completely dry the jewelry. The benefit of copper oil can be delayed. The next oxidation time. ・If you can't clean it with the above two methods, or you are too lazy to clean it, please send it back to us for maintenance. We have perfect after-sales service. Natural ore / Natural stone ・The maintenance of the ore is very simple, just wipe it with a cloth dampened with water. ・The hardness of each ore is different. Avoid wearing it or wearing it to avoid cracking. 欢迎 Have any questions or needs to welcome a private designer to discuss Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan / Handmade


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