QUOTES Birthday Gift Customized Fortune Cake Black Chocolate Handmade Fortune Biscuit Butterfly Style 8 In The Bunny Gift Box FORTUNE COOKIE

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QUOTES Birthday Gift Customized Fortune Cake Black Chocolate Handmade Fortune Biscuit Butterfly Style 8 In The Bunny Gift Box FORTUNE COOKIE


**Can order and specify the date of arrival, the number of limited please order ~** You can choose [lucky sign] or [custom sign] 【Lucky signatures】 Lucky signature will bring you blessings and reminders, encourage you to create their own good luck Fortunately, the characteristics of the cake is random to the unknown lucky signature, Which is given the text, perhaps it is now you need to remind, encourage, And this surprise and joy is created every day lucky cake, Lucky signatures are positive with the contents of the encouragement, Many consumers are very surprised to say that the contents of the signatures are "good" Because they are very appropriate to their current state of mind, and from which to get a lot of encouragement !! **【Customized signatures】** Everyday Lucky Cake gives you the most sincere affection for the most cherished people Lucky signatures can be designed according to your creative ingot, Create others more surprises, bring full happiness. 1, the number of words suggested in less than 30 words, you can use the language and design their own graphics. 2, the signature content can use the merchandise page "contact designer" function, send a signature electronic file or leave your e-mail. 3, the signature can be hand-painted Oh! 4, we will fully cooperate with your creativity to make this gift more with your style! 5, the number of a box how many can design several signatures, not limit the number of money, pulling willing heart! ♥ Quantity: One box 8 into the gift box ♥ Food reminder: lucky biscuits FORTUNE COOKIE There are signatures do not eat ♥ reward period: no added preservatives, it is recommended to eat within one week, can be saved for two weeks ♥ production principles: hand pro-system, than other production methods taste more crisp, natural taste, sugar halved ♥ Ingredients: hand-baked, eggs, sugar, flour, dark chocolate, oil, decorative sugar 【Goods shipping time】 Checkout completed and confirm the contents of the signature within 5 working days will send the goods, delivery time is 3-4 days. There is a special timeliness of the demand, please contact me, thank you 【Merchandise shipping packaging commitment】 Each product is protected with kraft paper box packaging, and at the same time high specifications into the bubble pad and air bag to reduce the risk of damage when shipping. 【mission】 QUOTES lucky pie every day from the founder of the enthusiasm of life and the future of the infinite dream, Into an motivating action program, Every day lucky cake invite everyone to embrace the beauty of life, clinging to happiness every day. 【Service Introduction】 Each lucky signature cake can bring you good luck, custom sign, diversified taste, delicious delicious, Wedding gifts, gifts, Valentine's Day gift, Father's Day gift, year-end tail, Mother's Day gift, birthday gift, New Year congratulations, party games, corporate activities and public relations marketing use, to provide exclusive planning, To create more surprises, bring full happiness [Professional fast enterprise customer production] QUOTES lucky cake every day to focus on lucky biscuits FORTUNE COOKIE production and taste of research and development, Quickly provide customers exclusive lucky biscuits, whether it is birthday gifts, wedding small things and corporate marketing activities, Can play the key to moving people The first professional production of lucky cake, hundreds of enterprises and fine industry partners to diversify the taste and customization of the signature design for the advantages of rapid production and caring service as the basic. 【Service customers in the past】 Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Breguet watches, Eslite life, BMW Rongde, Taiwan new bank, Taiwan new art gold, DBS Bank, Ai play heaven and earth, Luxasia Taiwan. Taiwan Luya, NISSAN Yu letter car, BCBGMAXAZRIA, Ambrose Pei, Hong Kong business Dietis digital cinema system DTS, China University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Sports Management Institute, Pacific sogo department store ........ Company group Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan is hand-made



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