Snow white snow transparent phone case

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Snow white snow mobile phone shell dec.limit collection



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Snow white snow transparent phone case


Lovely Princess feminine princess series Dec.limit collection Snow snow white phone case The girl has her own princess dream in her heart. What kind of princess do you think you are? Snow White Princess? Hey Cinderella? Or is it a mussel? [ In this romantic month, I hope to bring you a little sweet and feminine. 】 Design Notes: The material is crystal transparent soft shell front printing Transparent and completely covered mobile phone The background color is transparent Iphone series thickness is more 0.3cm 7/7+ lens hole is heightened The texture is good enough to protect the phone. Transparent soft phone case work days for 3-5 days without a holiday If it is a spot item, send it out in 1-2 days. Workday starts from 1 day after receiving the order The number of stocks is for reference only. If you have any need to go abroad/emergency/gift, please ask for the spot first. RICHÉ has special brands for all major brands. iPhone/samsung/htc/Sony/LG/mi If your phone model is not in the original order model Please ask us if we will have someone to help you. Note. If the back of the model phone (the side that is held by the hand) is a non-planar The manufacturer's printing pattern on the transparent shell will be reduced by 0.05~0.1cm. This is to make the pattern printing more accurate, not to Otherwise, the edges of the printed pattern will cause gelatinization :) At present, the phone model with a circular arc on the back of the phone is referenced: Samsung note5 / htc 10 / will be added one after another The one-piece molding is easy to disassemble and the pattern is perfectly presented. Every angle is super perfect Perfect 100%. Thickness 0.2cm feels very good Thickness ☑ Covering ☑ Hand feeling ☑ Anti-collision ☑ Texture upgrade+exquisite upgrade+ smooth upgrade+. ★Attention. All product patterns are made with high-precision printing without any solid metal. Iphone series lens opening is generally available in the public version of the size hole opening will reveal the original mobile phone on the white line Transparent soft shell printing and pattern all-inclusive mobile phone printing methods are different The transparent soft shell is printed with advanced UV, which is attached to the phone case by laser printing. There will be small print textures on the surface, so it is very laborious and difficult to fall off in the process. ★ This model is more suitable for pink/gold/white and similar light colors :) ★ How to choose which one is suitable for your mobile phone? 裸 bare metal + protector Bare metal + non-full version of glass stickers ▶ Recommended matte hard shell / glossy hard shell / matte soft shell / transparent soft shell Bare metal + full version of glass stickers ▶ Recommended matte hard shell / glossy hard shell / transparent soft shell Bare metal + thick glass paste ▶ Recommended matte hard shell / glossy hard shell / transparent soft shell Bare metal + back stickers or any thickening of the phone) ▶ Not applicable Pure bare metal ▶ It is recommended to choose matte hard shell / glossy hard shell / matte soft shell ❷ All-in-one film + protective sticker All-machine envelope + non-full version of glass paste ▶ Recommended matte soft shell Full machine film + full glass sticker ▶ Not applicable All-in-one film + thick glass paste ▶ Not applicable Full-body envelope + back sticker or any condition that makes the phone thicker ▶ Not applicable Pure machine envelope ▶ Recommended matte soft shell The above is recommended for the whole machine envelope and everyone's use. Generally, the mobile phone shell itself is made in the bare metal size. So if the phone itself increases too much, the phone will become thicker and the size will change. It's hard to pick your favorite phone case! I still want to buy a matte soft shell / simple measurement method: There are hundreds of protective stickers on the market. Glass stickers are not the same size. It is recommended that you want to buy a matte soft shell. You can measure how much distance your glass sticker has from the edge of the phone. If there is a distance of 0.2~0.3cm, you can use the matte soft shell. Due to the matte side of the soft shell, the width of the surrounding area is 0.2-0.3cm. If the distance is less than 0.2~0.3cm, the phone case will form a glass sticker. And the situation that the phone case can't cover the phone and can't be loaded up! * Overseas purchase of goods due to expensive postage can not be returned or not, please note Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan / Made in Taiwan


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