360cc [island floating shallow] Cologne Island Coral Garden in front of the ice blue underwater world cold wine engraved instruments to give people like diving swimming

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360cc [island floating shallow] Cologne Island Coral Garden in front of the ice blue underwater world cold wine engraved instruments to give people like diving swimming


This summer must go to the island floating shallow, and small fish tour ... The cooler is specially designed for quick ice cream. Summer may be a lot of people want to drink iced drinks or sake, so the general will be the wine into the freezer ice or join the ice. But now have a cold wine, drink cold drinks are not afraid of melting ice affect the taste of taste even more simple! https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/56bdf61a69702d055e395a00/xlarge.jpg?1455289881 Brand: MSA GLASS ENGRAVING Brand: Japan Toyo-Sasaki Glass Toyo Sasaki Material: Glass (Made in Japan) Size: diameter 10.6cmx height 13.7cm x diameter 4.6cm / 360cc Patterns: the theme of the submarine world with the creation of the coral rock and water plants, such as tropical fish and other works are not the same, shallow water 2 people can increase or decrease according to demand, please understand the unique work of hand creation, Like the mechanism exactly the same, please pay special attention before ordering. Custom range: underwater world + a text (Special guest according to the complexity of another offer, welcome to provide customized files) https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/56bdf61a69702d055a5a5b00/xlarge.jpg?1455289881 https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/56bdf61969702d36e95f5c00/xlarge.jpg?1455289881 https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/56bdf61a69702d6b12da5900/xlarge.jpg?1455289881 Toyo-Sasaki Glass brand introduction Toyo Sasaki is Japan's glassware manufacturer with a history of more than 100 years. It mainly focuses on high quality, Japanese-made glassware. Its products include all kinds of glass, high glass glass and glass, and so on. Not only to mechanical production can achieve high-quality famous, its hand-crafted technology is to create the brand status of one of the reasons. Japan は さ ま ま ま ま 々 food を make u, rich ka na "device の culture" を holding the country で す. Ancient Kuru Yuta era よ り, Japanese の は ヨ ー ロ ッ パ で で 重 さ れ て き ま し ta Modern に お い て も, そ の デ ザ イ ン は Omumi で 静 か な ブ ー ム と り り り に に に ま ま ま ま ま ま ま ま ま ま ま ま ま ま ま ま ま ま ま ま ま ま ま ま ま す る い て い て い て い ま す. https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/59437484595630171d000ba8/source.jpg?1497592964 そ の の の の の. そ れ は free に shape を type take っ ta り, more 様 na color を Shi せ た り, the United States し い Hui ki を semi-permanent に 保 こ と の で き る excellent れ た features を prepared え て い ま す.こ の material を of the 1,400 degrees を super え る high fever で soluble ka shi, Qiao み な heat management and precision Jin Jin に よ り コ ン ト ロ ー Hikaru. Alone in the pressure of the extension of the extension of technology に よ っ て shape し, emotional and creative あ ふ れ る US し い ガ ラ ス device が production ま れ ま す. Private ta ち Toyo Sasaki ガ ラ ラ ス は, Toya ka device culture of Japan で Health ま れ, そ の indeed か な technology に in the play ち さ れ た the highest の quality を ん で き ま し taこ れ か ら も, ガ ラ ス の し さ を origin に に し た products づ く り を 通 じ, world へ, new し い touched を り つ づ た い と test え て い ま す. Origin / manufacturing method MSA GLASS ENGRAVING


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