Longhorn Cowfish - Wood Earrings / Ocean Series (hook & clip-on)

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Longhorn Cowfish - Wood Earrings / Ocean Series (hook & clip-on)


【Design Concept】 HI ! Longhorn Cowfish Square stature, with lovely big eyes and a pouting mouth, the longhorn cowfish has many hard bone plates healed from scales on its body, giving it the nickname of armored puffer. Inspired by the front angle of a slow-moving, the longhorn cowfish floats in sea water. This piece highlights the cute features of the large eyes and mouth of the longhorn cowfish. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52392600560_faf88738c2_o.png 【Material】 ★ North American Maple With meticulous texture and a soft white color, this type of wood is light and hard, being resistant to impact and friction. It is a popular material for flooring, musical instruments, and fine furniture. ★ North American Walnut Wood Being dark brown, with an obvious wood grain texture, this is a chic and layered material known for being light in weight but also hard and tough. It is often used for the wood trim in high-end furniture or high-end cars. ★ North American Beech Wood With a surface of dotted lines and spots, the texture of this wood is fine and uniform while also being wear-resistant, hard, and not easily damaged. It is suited to various types of processing and hand craft production. ★ Ear hook:316 medical steel ★ Ear clips:Nickel-free platinum plating on brass 【Size】 Solid wood body:38 x 29 x 10 mm 【Package】 ★ Product packaging comes with natural beeswax + wiping cloth (for wood maintenance) ★ For the earth, we use all-environmental packaging and biodegradable packaging tape https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52387692916_2be83af828_o.jpg 【Attention】 ★ Each piece of wood possesses its own natural and unique texture and color, thus we do not allow for choosing specific pieces of wood. ★ The photos will slightly vary from the actual products due to factors such as photography lighting and angles, screen color, wood grain, texture and color. We will try our best to present the original appearance, but please refer to the actual product. ★ Nickel-free platinum plating on copper uses electrolysis to attach metal ions to the surface of the copper to form a thin electroplating layer, thereby producing a stainless steel-like color. Which also delays metal oxidation. After a use of an extended duration, the electroplating layer will gradually wear and fade due to contact with air, other items and friction, all of which are normal phenomena. 【Protection】 ★ Products containing metals should avoid contact with chemical substances such as sweat, rain, seawater, perfume and cosmetics as much as possible to avoid additional corrosion and oxidation. In case of contact, please wipe with a cloth dampened with water and dry the item as soon as possible. If the jewelry will not be worn for an extended amount of time, they should be placed in a sealed bag to reduce the chance of contact with air and slow oxidation. ★ If the metal parts need to be removed for cleaning, please be careful and avoid pulling the connection point with the wood with excessive force to avoid damage. ★ All wood in our products is coated with natural wood oil. The water-repellent and anti-fouling effects will temporarily protect the wood. If the item does accidentally come in contact with water, wipe it with a dry cloth or paper towel, then dry the item in the shade. Do not use a hair dryer as it may cause additional damage. ★ After extended contact and use, the surface wood wax oil may lose its luster due to friction. This is a normal phenomenon. After removing the surface dust, use a cotton cloth to thinly coat the wood with wax oil and leave it for a day to dry. 【Origin】 Taiwan 【Manufacturing Method】 After the wood is cut, it is processed by CNC, and then it is repeatedly polished and waxed by hand until it is soft and delicate, creating wood that has a natural texture and a protective layer on the surface. Which is then finally combined with metal or other accessories.


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Uni Woodesign, ocean series-Longhorn Cowfish wood earrings. Unique design make use of beech, walnut, and maple wood. Available in both hook earring and clip-on earring.


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