【Electric painting/frame included】Similar painting custom birthday gift anniversary Valentine's Day

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【Electric painting/frame included】Similar painting custom birthday gift anniversary Valentine's Day


⊙ Please note: This style of painting belongs to the Q version of the illustration style, which cannot be compared with the realistic style. The eyes, nose and mouth are all in the same style, but the designer will draw the obvious features (such as hairstyles, outfits), so the similarities are pure It depends on personal senses. If the requirements are 100% the same as the photos, please do not place an order for this product. ⊙ Please send the photo by private message first, and confirm that the photo is ok before placing the order 【Order steps】 1. First determine if you like the style 2. Use [Contact Designer] to send 1-3 clear pixel photos, it is recommended to take a half-length photo with clear facial features and hairstyle 3. The photo is confirmed ok, select the background color 4. Because the painting style belongs to the Q version of the illustration, it cannot be compared with the realistic style, but the designer will draw the obvious features, so the similarity is purely based on personal senses, please do not use this point as a brush battle. [Pick a photo and take a small step] 1. The photo should not be cut as much as possible, and the frontal bust of the facial features and hairstyle is clear 2. You can choose photos of outfits that you think look good, because I also like to draw beautiful outfits 【Product Information】 Style: The body will be painted on the chest, and the hair is always painted in black. If there are special color requirements, an additional price will be charged Media used: electric drawing 【With photo frame】 Material: Lightweight resin imitation wood grain (not solid wood), not dry and cracked, easy to store for a long time Size: outer frame 20x20cm, inner frame 15x15cm, thickness 2.4cm Attachment and non-marking nail 【background color】 You can change to the color you want, but you need to provide a sample of color chips, please do not describe it in words 【Electronic file specification】 Size: 20x20 cm square Resolution: 300dpi jpg file If you have other specifications you want, please let me know! 【Add word service】 You can change the words you want to write! 【Extended products】 ◆ Easy Card https://www.pinkoi.com/product/JX3tmkbB ◆ marriage contract https://www.pinkoi.com/product/fC6JqqYe ◆ Output contains boxes https://www.pinkoi.com/product/ekLHNzUT ◆ hanging canvas painting https://www.pinkoi.com/product/kA7HJQtg ◆ Mobile wallpaper https://www.pinkoi.com/product/r2s22wFw ◆ Frameless painting https://www.pinkoi.com/product/QZgbyEQT 【Precautions】 ◆ Orders will be drawn only after payment is made ◆ Services without viewing drafts and revisions ◆ The price of this product is only for drawing fees, excluding copyright and copyright. Please do not use the work for profit-making commercial projects such as logos, advertisements, and cultural propaganda. If you have any use or need, please contact us and we will quote separately. ◆ Customized products will not be returned or exchanged ◆ Because the designer has cats, there is a chance to get a few cat hairs. If you are worried about allergies or other incurable diseases, you can consider placing an order again! ◆ The works and comparison photos will be placed on FB, IG and other platforms for customized reference. If you don't want to be too high-profile, you can tell me ◆ Due to the large number of orders, the designer's production drawing is a bit slow, please be sure to confirm whether the time can be accepted before placing an order~ 【More head portraits】 Search IG: iam_awei After receiving the goods, please take pictures and mark! According to the status of the order, you will be informed of the completion time After bidding, you agree to the rules of the Design Museum, and the ordered products will not be returned. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me privately!


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