[Icarus Star] 022 lapis lazuli yellow tiger eye moonstone bracelet

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Lang-Lang Jewelry
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[Icarus Star] 022 lapis lazuli yellow tiger eye moonstone bracelet


https://www.lang-lang.com.tw/ati_up/content_img/110073012042174.jpg [Icarus Star] 022 lapis lazuli yellow tiger eye moonstone bracelet Icarus star, in distant spiral galaxies, is the most distant star in history, A beautiful brilliance blooms in the dark universe. Crystal effect introduction: lapis lazuli: Lazurite (Lazurite / Lapis Lazuli) has different shades of blue, with golden yellow (pyrite) or white (calcite) connotations, seals or seals made of lapis lazuli can be seen in ancient ornaments in Egypt or Middle Eastern countries. Ornaments are even considered by the Egyptians to be a kind of "holy stone", which can only be worn by people of great stature such as pharaohs and high priests. They are a kind of noble and beautiful "Gemstone". The effect of lapis lazuli: ◆ Speed up metabolism, help skin and circulatory system. ◆ Enhance insight and analytical power. ◆ Calm down anger and irritability. Yellow Stone: Tiger eye stone, also known as Stone eye Stone, is a variety of quartz. This Gemstone has a cat's eye effect, and because it is mostly yellow-brown, it is named Stone's eye stone. Stone has different effects depending on the color. Yellow Stone's eye includes golden tiger's eye and tawny Stone's eye. The golden yellow Stone's eye stone symbolizes wealth and can help attract unexpected wealth or partial wealth. The effect of yellow Stone: ◆ Make people concentrate. ◆ Bring self-confidence, firmness, decisiveness, courage and self-discipline. ◆ Enhance their own vitality, optimistic and positive attitude. Moonstone: Moonstone is also called moonstone. The so-called "moonstone" is the "moonstone lead" in Gemstone. It has a "moonlight effect". The center of the Gemstone has a faint blue or bright white halo like moonlight, which is called moonstone, as the name suggests. , has a direct and close connection with the moon, moonstone is best worn when the moon is full, and can enhance people's perception and the efficacy and role of supernatural power. Moonstone is also known as the Gemstone that recruits the real son of heaven, and the effect is better than that of pink crystal to recruit peach blossoms. If there are female friends whose personality is too straightforward, and their behavior and behavior are often inappropriate for occasions, it is recommended to wear moonstone jewelry, which can change the temperament from the inside out to bring a dignified and noble temperament. Moonstone benefits: ◆ Soothe your personality and change your temper. ◆ Promote the reunion of feelings, which can attract another life partner. ◆ Resolve emotional problems between partners and let both parties live in peace. ◆ Add a soft breath, soothe the strong. ◆ It exudes a romantic mood, which is the best token of love. ◆ Change the person's aura, make the person wearing it noble and elegant, and behave generously. ◆ Broaden your horizons and expand your mind. ◆ Let you achieve a comfortable mood and maintain a happy mood. https://www.lang-lang.com.tw/ati_up/content_img/110083011135458.png https://www.lang-lang.com.tw/ati_up/content_img/111021113344717.png https://www.lang-lang.com.tw/ati_up/content_img/111021112281987.png https://www.lang-lang.com.tw/ati_up/content_img/111021113492977.png https://www.lang-lang.com.tw/ati_up/content_img/111021112450816.png https://www.lang-lang.com.tw/ati_up/content_img/111021113493945.png https://www.lang-lang.com.tw/ati_up/content_img/111021112445785.png https://www.lang-lang.com.tw/ati_up/content_img/111021113491884.png https://www.lang-lang.com.tw/ati_up/content_img/111021112453660.png https://www.lang-lang.com.tw/ati_up/content_img/111021113485826.png https://www.lang-lang.com.tw/ati_up/content_img/110083011070774.png


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Icarus star, in distant spiral galaxies, is the most distant star in history, A beautiful brilliance blooms in the dark universe.


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