Essential Oils in the Forest, Fragrance Class, Essential Oils, Candles, Eau de Toilette, Handmade Experience (Saturday, Reservations)

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You will be in-depth to lead you to understand essential oils, explore the characteristics of essential oils, and learn to use your favorite single essential oils to bring out a multi-layered natural fragrance.
ไต้หวัน / Miaoli County
苗栗縣南庄鄉南富村22鄰四灣77-25號 「LAIKA 拉依卡」
ก่อนเริ่มเวิร์คช็อป 30 นาที
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1 - 3 วัน
Essential Oils in the Forest, Fragrance Class, Essential Oils, Candles, Eau de Toilette, Handmade Experience (Saturday, Reservations)


How long have you not experienced natural fragrance in the forest? Come and enjoy a trip to the forest! There is a forest garden and fragrant plant extracts. LAIKA Laika is on the shelves of Pinkoi! You can make an appointment here after July. Suitable for essential oils and fragrances for beginners! The two courses are optional: (1.)**Scented candles**(Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday): Made with makeup-grade soy wax, the finished product is a 90g natural scented candle. (2.)**Fragrance Spray**(Wednesday, Friday, Sunday): A personal fragrance spray prepared with the concept of eau de toilette. The finished product is 50ml natural eau de toilette. . Use**aromatherapy level essential oil**as a fragrance ingredient, from plant extracts, precious drops . After the work is completed, there will be: a bottle sticker, a cotton bag, a fragrance record card, as well as decorative ribbons, seals, etc. . Includes a drink of LAIKA Coftee (fine coffee, natural tea, world black tea, etc.) ▶ Course content 1. Know the essential oils 2. Essential oil aroma and characteristics exploration - observe the essential oil volatilization speed, odor intensity, tonal atmosphere, etc. 3. Basic fragrance concept - front, middle and rear adjustment, aroma matching, fixed fragrance, etc. 4. Set the theme of perfume 5. Modulate the exclusive fragrance of the individual ▶Activity process 13:30-14:00 Sign in 14:00-15:00 Meet the essential oils 15:00-16:30 Modulation of exclusive fragrance spray/candle **Please remember to come over at noon after you have finished using your meal!** ▶Registration instructions . Appointment system: Please make an appointment and purchase tickets before 7 days (above) . Number of people: up to 8 people in small class teaching . Registration qualification: limited to high school students (inclusive) or above. . Available class hours: Scented Candles | Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 14:00~16:30 Fragrance Spray | Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 14:00~16:30 Weekday reservations are here → ※ This activity requires meditation to explore the smell of various essential oils. Please do not use perfume or any strong fragrance products on the day of the event. ※The course uses plant essential oils as raw materials. The fragrance spray contains alcohol. If you are allergic to alcohol or essential oils, or have other special conditions, please register. ※The park is forbidden to take food, no smoking, no pets ※The materials are free of chemical fixatives and plasticizers, so you can use them with peace of mind! ▶ Directions: Google Maps Search "LAIKA Laika" to find landmarks (Direct input of the address may go somewhere else! Directly input the landmarks searched by Laika is more accurate) **. Driving:** __Highway 1__ (1) Head/Sanwan Interchange - heading towards Sanwan. (2) Please take note of the speed camera after the lower ramp. (3) Towards Sanwan/Nanzhuang/Shitan. __Highway 3__ (1) Please go down the road to the Emei, and go to the direction of Emei. (2) After arriving at the Taisan Line, head south to Sanwan/Nanzhuang/Shitan. __After Sanwan__ (1) Go to Sanwan (Taiwan 3) and go straight through Sanwan Guozhong (right) and turn left at the traffic light of Zhonggangxi Bridge (there is a field 7-11 in front of the left side). (2) Go straight along the Zhonggangxi Dike and turn right at the first traffic light (flashing yellow light) (the vegetable and fruit greenhouse area on the right). (3) Go straight along the field road to Nanfu Village, turn right at the T-junction and then turn left into the Baiyun Temple archway. (4) After entering the Baiyun Temple archway, please look for the indicators of LAIKA Laika or the indicators of the sulphide fossil area. The road will pass through two artificial hand-cut tunnels along the road. **. taxi:** You can take the train to Zhunan Railway Station and make an appointment to return to and from the taxi. (Taxi information can be privately quoted LAIKA powder inquiry) **. Bus:** __Miaoli passenger transport 5804 or 5806__ (1) Get off at Takean Railway Station (West Station) and walk to the opposite bus stop sign. (2) Please take 5804 or 5806 to Da Nam PU (3) Please get off at Da Nan Po Station (4) Go forward to the Baiyun Temple archway (but not to Baiyun Temple) (5) Please take the right side of the fork and go to the direction of the forest house or the slate fossil area (6) Approximately 40 minutes walk to LAIKA Laika




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