Water Mirror / Dew Pierce Ohajiki Japanese Glass Red Yellow Green Blue Summer Summer Vacation New Year Kimono Kimono Kimono Yukata Cool Refreshing Delicate Seed Beads Retro Tradition

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Heart Bouquet
Heart Bouquet
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Water Mirror / Dew Pierce Ohajiki Japanese Glass Red Yellow Green Blue Summer Summer Vacation New Year Kimono Kimono Kimono Yukata Cool Refreshing Delicate Seed Beads Retro Tradition


* Made to order. Items that can be delivered immediately (shipped within 7 days after payment is confirmed) The actual item is introduced in the 4th and subsequent images * What do you see in the nostalgic little glass? Goldfish swimming Or a water balloon floating in a tub Accessories to hide the cuteness of the marbles that are given to grown-ups as they like. Earrings made from nostalgic real glass marbles. Looking into the marbles with smooth and wavy surfaces makes you feel like you are staring at a small surface of the water. .. .. When you look at it, the lines that look like a single print with a paintbrush look like small fish swimming one by one in a fishbowl with their tail fins fluttering. The transparent beads with a diameter of 1.5 mm and 2 mm that are woven around the circumference give a cool impression with water droplets sparkling in a glass filled with cold drinks. The atmosphere is perfect for summer. Currently in Japan, only one glass marble is made. We select and make the rare Japanese marbles. Choose from 5 colors: "red" like goldfish, "yellow" like lemon syrup of shaved ice, "green" like aquatic plants, "water" like soda, and "blue" like summer sky Please (please let us know when ordering). We have necklaces that can be used together with Clip-On same design. Clip-On: https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/cf4hqiig?category=2 necklace: https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/ZMai8tEh?category=2 In addition, we also offer "Water Mirror / Frost", which is a different version of the marbles wrapped in frosted beads. Please take a look. Water mirror / frost (pierced earrings): https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/c2yUdxAR?category=2 I will attach a silicon catch. The 4th and subsequent images will be the actual products that can be delivered without waiting. Each item has a different pattern, so please choose your favorite one. We accept replacement of metal fittings for pierced Clip-On. ☆ Currently in stock ☆ Water mirror (dew) yellow earrings and necklace Water mirror (frost) red earrings and necklace Water mirror (frost) light blue earrings and necklace Water mirror (dew) red Clip-On Water mirror (dew) green necklace Water mirror (frost) blue necklace ◇◇◇◇ Since we are using real toy marbles, the size, shape, and color will be different one by one as shown in the picture. There are some that have roughness and scratches on the surface and bubbles inside. The wavy streaks on the back are not constant, and some objects may be crossed. We hope you enjoy all of these things. We will prepare a set with a similar atmosphere of color entry. It is knitted and wrapped with beads according to the size and shape of each marble. There may be slight differences in the knitting method and the number of beads used. Please note. It is delicate, so please handle it with care. As each item is made by hand, the size and shape may differ slightly. Product images are taken in natural light unless otherwise specified. Material: glass, nylon, metal Size: Approximately 2.3 cm in length x 2.2 cm in width (motif part)


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Clip-On made from real glass marbles (tiddlywinks)


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