Eternal Flower Diffuser Water Oxygen Machine Fragrance Essential Oil Night Light Eternal Flower Home Fragrance Customization

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Eternal Flower Diffuser Water Oxygen Machine Fragrance Essential Oil Night Light Eternal Flower Home Fragrance Customization


【about that product】 Size: Φ12CM X H16.7CM (The machine is made in mainland China) Water and oxygen spray: 1 hour at regular time / 6 hours at low gear / 3 hours at high gear Two-stage lighting mode: warm light/seven-color changing colorful mode Contents: fragrance machine, eternal flower/dry flower, power cord, measuring cup, manual Atomization vibration frequency/ 2.4MHZ (MHz) Power / 10W (Watts) Timing time / 1 hour Electrical/12V/1A Material / PP ABS / Preserved flower dried flower Cable length/ 1.4 meters Water level / 100ml Suitable range / 10-20 square meters 【Instructions】 ★It is recommended to use soft water★ Left button LIGHT ‧Click to turn on warm light ‧Press the second button to automatically switch the colorful lights (you can press and hold the color when switching) ‧Press the third button to turn off the light Right click MIST ‧ Click to turn on low gear (smaller spray), full water level for 6 hours (purple light prompt) ‧ Press the second high-end (larger spray), full water level for 3 hours (orange light prompt) ‧ Long press for 2 seconds and 1 hour to turn off automatically (green light prompt) 【customized】 You can choose the main flower color (3 immortal roses) The rest of the flowers will be matched by the designer to provide the feeling you want to present Intimate service: ▲All products are packed in gift boxes ▲Write cards for you (the designer will not tell your secrets to others) ▲Customize your own color system ▲If you have any design ideas, you are welcome to discuss with us [Need to know before buying] ▲The photos are taken from real products and are made by hand, so the flowers and packaging are not guaranteed to be exactly the same. ▲Protected to avoid damage when sending. Due to the fragile nature of dried flowers, it is inevitable that a little flower scraps will fall out of the box. Super perfectionists please consider carefully before placing an order. ▲The flowers are all seasonal. In case of shortage, we will use similar floral designs without affecting the color and overall appearance. ▲Dry flowers and eternal flowers are natural materials, and it is inevitable that there will be collisions and a little drop during transportation. We will try our best to properly pack and protect the products. ▲If you have any problems with the product, please don't rush to give a bad review. Please contact us and we will deal with it as soon as possible. ▲I sincerely hope that when you receive the goods, you can give a good evaluation, which is the driving force for us to move forward. [Introduction to non-withered flowers and dry flowers] ∥Preserved Flower∥ ▲The non-withered flowers are made of fresh flowers, using organic dyes and artificial glycerin, and processed by special techniques to retain the tender texture of the flowers, but without pollen allergies or insect pests. ▲The non-withered flowers have a tender texture like fresh flowers and can show a richer color than fresh flowers, which can be viewed for a long time. ▲It is easy to take care of the flowers without withering, and it can be stored for a long time, which is suitable for making life and home decoration. ▲No withering flowers and no watering, high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight should be avoided. The viewing period of well-preserved flowers without withering can reach 2-5 years ∥Dried Flower∥ ▲Dried flowers are the products of flowers after they are naturally dried. As the water evaporates, the shape of the flowers will shrink and the color will change. The texture becomes brittle and hard and easy to fall, but it still emits the fragrance of natural flowers. ▲Dry flowers will fade to varying degrees with time due to flower species, and it is normal to weather naturally with time. ▲Avoid high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight, and the viewing period of dry flowers in good storage (depending on the flower species) can be up to six months to several years. 【storage method】 ▲The dust outside the glass cover can generally be cleaned up. If fog is generated in the glass, please open the glass cover and wipe the inside. ▲Do not wipe the flowers in the glass cover, just dehumidify and dry. ▲If the flowers are contaminated with dust and debris, they can be cleaned by blowing a dust ball or a hair dryer with cold wind. ▲Please put it in a dry and ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight. ▲Avoid placing it in a dark and humid place, which is prone to mold.


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The fragrance machine with three functions is a water-oxygen machine and a fragrance machine with aromatherapy function. It can also be used as a night light when the aromatherapy function is not turned on. It is really very practical. The picture shows the classic undefeated model. If you want to make other colors, the designer can customize it for you! !


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