【Introverted】Herbal hot compress pad-Herbal warm compress on shoulder and neck, microwave heating to relieve shoulder and neck pain

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【Introverted】Herbal hot compress pad-Herbal warm compress on shoulder and neck, microwave heating to relieve shoulder and neck pain


It has the characteristics of rapid heating, heat lock and vapor emission; it can be used immediately for up to 30 minutes by heating in a microwave oven for 1 minute. In use, it is not only convenient but also has the sustainability of heat energy. At the same time, the hot pack can be repeatedly used for heating, which contributes to saving resources and environmental protection. The product is suitable for the object and condition: Regular use of computers and low-headed use of mobile phones / busy, stress / back pain / sleep disorders / bad metabolism / body stiffness fatigue / female cycle / post-exercise lactic acid accumulation / winter warmth Features: 1. Free hot water, just 1 minute microwave oven can be heated quickly. (Because the power and heating efficiency of each microwave oven will be different, it is recommended to test the temperature sense from the microwave for 30 seconds for the first time, then adjust it slightly to increase the heating time to find the temperature that suits you best. scald.) 2. Because it is not easy to dissipate heat, the insulation effect is quite good, and the heat release rate is slow, no leakage, and high safety. 3. After heating, the natural herbal aroma of the body can relax and achieve a variety of stable comfort. 5. It is comfortable and warm to use, and full of happiness. 6. Can be reused constantly, cherish resources and care for our only planet. ================================================ 1. Herbal heat pad - shoulder and neck (fragrance temperature and) Size: 20cm x 60cm About 720+-5g Soothes shoulder and neck pain / joint pain / pressure relieves muscle tension / home good things ================================================ 2. Taiwan's herbal eye mask computer family mobile phone family best maintenance eye way Steam temperature Excessive use of the eyes, eyes are sour? Eye pressure is too high? Warming the eyes of the eyes, (攒竹. Eyes Ming. Cheng weep. Sun) Effectively relieve eye fatigue. Increase eye microcirculation. Soothe sleep aid. Eliminate eye edema Heating safety. Not afraid of leakage. Don't worry about the insecurities of power leakage. Reusable and environmentally friendly. After use, it will feel very comfortable. We are often laid on it and we fall asleep! *** Content: White rice. Coarse salt. Herbs (Southern Turmeric, Lemon Leaf, Lemongrass, Clove, Wormwood) . Herbs. Fresh and gentle aroma . Relieve eye fatigue. Lighten dark circles . Soothing stress. relax . Microwave heating is convenient =================================================== l Note: 1. Do not express meanings (eg, infants, adults, etc.) and patients with insensitive touches. Do not use them to avoid scalding accidents due to inability to communicate. 2. The skin has a wound and should not be used. 3. The temperature of the hot pack is slightly higher than the body temperature. If the temperature is too high, it does not mean that the effect is good, but it may burn. 4. The hot pack is only an auxiliary tool and not a medical item. The above information is limited to general recommendations. If you have a special condition, please follow the special medical advice of your physician/physiotherapist. 5. For health reasons, it is recommended to place the microwave heat pack in a microwave-cleaning dish, crisper, and fresh-keeping bag for warming. heating method For safety concerns, only adults can perform heating. It is recommended to heat the temperature and time of the microwave oven. Please pay attention to the operation to avoid overheating and drying. However, due to the error in the power and heating efficiency of each microwave oven, it is recommended to start testing the hot temperature of the product from 30-40 seconds. Feeling, if it is not hot enough, add 5-10 seconds slowly and find the best temperature for you (not suitable for heating too long). At the same time, it avoids the scalding or damage of goods caused by too high temperature. If you are using a microwave for heating, make sure that the inner turntable can rotate smoothly.


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1. Herbal heat pad - shoulder and neck to make the neck easy 2. Taiwanese herbal eye mask computer family mobile phone family best maintenance eye way steam temperature hot compress good / herb / handmade / soothing shoulder neck pain / joint pain / press


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