Glory Earrings Glory Earrings (Gold)

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| Size: length 7 × width 3 × thickness 0.1cm |Material: Silver plated copper flower + glass crystal (can be changed)


Wildman Working House

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Glory Earrings Glory Earrings (Gold)


**Glory Earrings Glory Earrings** | Size: length 7 × width 3 × thickness 0.1cm |Material: Silver plated copper flower + glass crystal (can be changed) The garland is part of the Aboriginal headwear culture Beautiful headwear contains rich cultural connotations Garland type and wearing style of aboriginal headwear Different representations among the South Island people It also shows different cultural significance. The most representative of the garland is the Puyuma. Therefore, the Puyuma is also known as the most loved nation among the Taiwanese aborigines. Although not only the Puyuma, they are equipped with garlands. However, the consistency of the form and the adult meaning of the man represented by the wreath are not available to other ethnic groups. Every year, the big hunting man, the Puyuma man, returns from the hunting area. Women always have to weave a string of garlands Wearing joy for your loved ones, expressing joy Also represents the reunion of the two sexes and the family. 〝murekesa ta〞, Minnan means: "Let us unite!" Because of the garlands of the ancestors, the Puyuma people were tightly tied together, and the flowers were blossoming into a ring, and they began to reunite... Therefore, the garland plays a pivotal role in the costumes of the Puyuma. At the festival, the tribes must wear garlands after they are dressed. The more the elders loved by the tribe, the more the number of garlands. Therefore, the garland is not only a decoration in Taiwan’s Aboriginal culture. It is also a responsibility and glory for the family. ◇This design is based on hollow garland copper Draped with glass crystal A simple and elegant literary atmosphere. ☆Maintenance Tips-How to take care☆ * Leather cords or wax cords are waterproof, but to maintain product quality, please try not to wear them when bathing or swimming. * Glass beads, imaginary animal horns can be wiped with mild oil such as baby cloth and baby oil, which will make it bright and beautiful. *If the metal material is worn for a long time, it will easily lead to oxidative fading due to contact with the skin and in various environmental conditions. It can be wiped clean with a silver cloth; brass should be wiped with a soft cloth of copper oil to remove the spot weight. It is like a new look. *The related works are mostly fragile materials such as fiberglass. Please avoid heavy falls and squeezing, and avoid damage. ★ Warm reminder ★ 1. The photo of the product is a photo. The color difference is normal due to the difference in the ambient light source between the computer display and the camera. 2. This product has a variety of items with color, the item color is subject to physical shipment. 3. The goods are handmade products, can not be made 100% fine and identical, it is inevitable that there are imperfections, please forgive me! If the buyer is extremely demanding, please be careful to place an order to avoid disputes. 4. The workshop receives the 7-11 order notice and will contact you again to confirm if you will pick up the goods on time. To avoid ordering, do not pick up the goods, increase the burden of the workshop. Buyers will not pick up the goods as follows, and the workshop will cancel all qualifications. Please be cautious to place an order~ Thank you! Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / handmade warm heart production


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