Hanging Ear Coffee Christmas Card / Old School Game / Three Combinations / Customized Ground Coffee

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Christmas Special Edition: Three old-school games for coffee time. Christmas riddles, where the bears are, and Christmas songs. Write a blessing on the back, give your friends a warm cup of coffee, and have a fun time!



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Hanging Ear Coffee Christmas Card / Old School Game / Three Combinations / Customized Ground Coffee


Christmas special edition, an old-school game for coffee time: This item includes three coffee bags, Christmas Card, "Christmas Crossword", "Where is the Bear", and "Christmas Songs". This item includes the Christmas package (translucent tracing paper + ribbon) as shown above. Write a blessing on the back, give your friends a warm cup of coffee, and have a fun time! [Where is the bear?] In a group of gingerbread men, are there five brown bears? While drinking coffee, look for the bears, and find some time to spend the time to color bears and gingerbreaders. [ Christmas riddle] 17 Christmas-related words, warm and bright, Straight lines, horizontal lines, and diagonal lines all contain words. [Christmas songs continue to watch] Christmas is to review Christmas songs, pairing song names and lyrics. Because there is a gift wrapping, the sticker on the back of the coffee bag will be posted when it is shipped. * The design gallery also launched a Christmas postcard with the same theme. Welcome to visit. The coffee bag is hand-made by Tzemdas Kaffa in Changhua City. **Important notes** The best taste period for hanging ear coffee is 2 weeks after grinding. Have a taste of it after receiving the item! Three types of coffee beans are currently available: BLEND Black River (Zhongshen Pei), El Salvador, and Yejia Xuefei. Please specify the coffee beans and quantity you want when ordering, for example: "Ye BLEND Heihe x 2, El Salvador x 10" Personal unprofessional try to drink: - Yi Style BLEND Heihe (currently using bean content - Sunburn Kenya, washed Sidamo, washed Salvador, washed Guatemala, washed Colombia, the formula of the beans will be adjusted according to the green beans season): Pleasure Do not shave the bitter taste, add soy milk to make a latte, good to drink. - El Salvador: A bit more bitter than the Heihe River, suitable for single drink. I feel that it is not suitable for adding soy milk, and the coffee taste will become lighter. - Yeka Snowfield Washed Cochelle G1: The entrance has aroma of chocolate and nuts! And it’s not sour to drink. If you do not specify coffee beans when ordering, we will ship them at random. Ps If we receive an order, we find that the specific stock of coffee beans is insufficient. We will contact you within 1 working day if you wish to make up your coffee with other origins or wish to cancel your order. Click here to see our other custom coffee bags: Newcomer customized coffee bag https://www.pinkoi.com/product/sWSxUaWp Wedding custom name coffee bag ➡️ https://www.pinkoi.com/product/QL6FjTV4


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