"CL Studio" [old soul retro 600 antique nostalgic telephone lamp holder] / T4

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"CL Studio" [old soul retro 600 antique nostalgic telephone lamp holder] / T4


60, 70 years old background of the phone May have been unable to use the normal Want to keep but feel that space By the designer to play the ingenuity, it will be transformed and can use the lamp holder Love nostalgic retro style and both practical you How can you miss! ----------------------------------- Size: 24 × 22 × 12 cm Material: ABS plastic / metal, fir Lamp holder: the brand are all general specifications E27 All lampposts are all types of light bulbs can be applied 110V ~ 220V For further use in other countries, please inform the supply of 220V bulbs and plugs [Free gift Edison retro style bulb one, you can choose to match the bulb style] ◣ order to know ◥ The light bulbs in the picture can be purchased separately, and you can choose another purchase according to your preference. All bulbs are interchangeable and can be picked for use in different styles. The brand products are handmade, the production will inevitably beard or wear Perfection Do not bid If the product description is not detailed or have any questions please communicate with the answer Pictures due to the camera shooting difficult color and the product will be slightly wrong Need to accept the buyer to accept color, subject to the color of the product Unless the product is different from the original description Please do not accept return or replacement, do not enjoy the goods appreciation period of seven days Due to personal perception to avoid disputes, please make sure to ask in detail before the subscript Thank you ◣ use attention ◥ Wood maintenance: Use a soft brush to clean the dust. If you feel the wood aroma fades, because the wood fiber pores to cover the reasons, Wipe clean with a soft cloth and keep it dry. Copper maintenance: Copper fog or black that is the phenomenon of oxidation, purely normal, You can use a soft cloth dip copper oil wipe can be re-bright light. be careful: Tungsten wire bulbs will be different with the number of watts produce some heat, Use and just after the completion of the light, because the lamp temperature is high, not directly touch the hand. Light bulbs fragile, need to be placed in the child is not easy to touch to avoid children touch. To replace the lamp, replace it before turning off the power to ensure that it is safe General tungsten filament lamp life in the voltage stability and normal use, can be lighting at least 1000 hours. Tungsten filament suitable for creating a space atmosphere, coupled with light music to relax the senses to help thoughts precipitation. But not recommended for long reading. Origin / manufacturing method Origin of Taiwan - handmade


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