Hamburger's daily canvas round bag (cosmetic bag) hand-printed Make-up bag

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⊞ Taiwan produced 100% cotton canvas 帆布 Canvas round bag / cosmetic bag / cotton bag / 3C bag / storage bag ⊞ Girls, put in the cotton cotton needed for the day, It won’t be bulging, It is also suitable for storing small things with you!


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Hamburger's daily canvas round bag (cosmetic bag) hand-printed Make-up bag


Hamburger's daily canvas round bag (cosmetic bag) hand-printed Make-up bag _______________________________________ ⊞ Double-Double-Jumbo Double Cow Cheese Burger Ғᴏʀ :: In-N-Out Burger ______________________________________ For the first time in summer vacation, I set foot on the US West Territory I deeply feel that American food is for the giants to eat! . Gua Ma has a cousin's cousin JO living in Southern California I have a dream to travel with him in the United States. Finally, this summer, I took a 12-hour butt flowering plane. Log in to Ameliaka~ . Arrival is 10pm local time My brother-in-law took us and went home. I bought a late night - this famous In-N-Out Burger in California . The melon is scared by this behemoth Like a Taiwanese McDonald's plate In addition to hamburgers and drinks Full of potato strips They said that Americans have enough to eat this meal! . I thought I was a gluttonous mother. Said with Gua before the departure Do you want to bring instant noodles? Fear of being hungry . Until this one month trip back home Melon mother has two weeks In the gastrointestinal phase Because I eat too much every day in the United States... Come back, I feel really happy on an empty stomach. . . Melon in the United States Still very glad to have this Daisy to no big double cheese cheese burger I think I will still drool now~ _______________________________________ a big round bag filled with dreams (see far away) 3C peripheral action power tofu heads come in! Just the cans ⊞ Taiwan produced 100% cotton canvas ⊞ All materials are environmentally friendly, can be completely burned out, and love the earth with the family of melons. _________________________________________ 🍧 Related goods Burger Bao の canvas bag:: _________________________________________ ◐Product Information◐ 帆布 Canvas round bag / cosmetic bag / cotton bag / storage bag / 3C bag ⊞ Girls, put in the cotton cotton needed for the day, I won’t be able to pull it up~ Boys, it is not shy to store 3C accessories. Hamburg is full of pictures and men and women are suitable! 尺寸 Size is 18x high and 18cm high 材质 Material 100% cotton canvas 8 amps (small thick) 印刷 Printing method Manual transfer with temperature (Each canvas bag is printed by hand. It is normal for the printed surface to be slightly mottled! The position of the pattern will be slightly different and unique. 帆布 Canvas products peel off after long-term use or cleaning (Acceptable order)喔 清洁 Cleaning method Small dirt can be wiped with an eraser 洗涤 Washing method, hand washing Xiao Yan: Please gently wash away the pattern part to avoid pattern distortion. The outside part of the pattern can be washed gently with soapy water and then gently wrung out. Respond to a flat state and drain vertically with natural air drying It is normal to wrinkle or slightly shrink the pure canvas after washing! (can accept the order) Can avoid the pattern to restore the flat state ~ Note: The pattern cannot be hot (iron is not available) (drying is not possible) 原创 Original illustration melon director system made in Taiwan ⊞ The color and size of the display may be slightly different from the actual product. The acceptor can subscript 喔 :) #生日#礼物#环保包# Cosmetic bag #杂物包#Storage bag#Christmas#Christmas gift#Exchange gift


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