[Black tea monopoly] small square tea bag ~ Africa Kenya black tea 10 into

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มากกว่า 10 ชิ้น
3g x 10
หลังผลิต 1095 วัน
  • ถูกชม 128 ครั้ง
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Just drink & fresh milk tea. The palate is smooth and full, smelling malt sweet and bright and rich fruit aroma



1 - 3 วัน
[Black tea monopoly] small square tea bag ~ Africa Kenya black tea 10 into


[African-Kenya Black Tea Kangtaita FBOPFSP] Deng Deng Deng~ Let me introduce you to the "Kenya Black Tea" We finally came from the distant kingdom of Africa, Kenya, through a wave of twists and turns, brought the tea in. This black tea comes from the tea factory and tea garden established in 1965 by Kangtaita of Kenya. In my original impression, African black tea is thick and dark, and I don’t know how to take it, except for adding milk. I am wrong! As our partners say, a few times a week. After testing the new tea, we haven’t tasted a tea for a long time and suddenly the eyes are bright, and then I feel that “it’s him”, so we still have a sense of surprise! Anyway, we must find a way to bring it in. The brewed tea is clean and beautifully orange-red; it tastes smooth and scented with aromas of citrus fruits and a rich, bright citrus fruit with a rich palate. The dried tea is tender, so it tastes sweet with buds. Whether it is a simple drink or brewing fresh milk tea is a suitable item, some customers think that after adding fresh milk, it will be a bit like the taste of #光泉水果牛奶, really have a kind of healthy egg Surprise. Generally, we drink milk tea without sugar, but in the test, we also found that when making this milk tea, you can add a little sugar (not necessarily let the tea soup to sweet), which will make its fruit aroma more vivid! It comes from the fact that the taste is not currently divided into the taste of the black tea in each of our production areas. It is a self-contained one, but it is in line with everyone's favorite taste. The guests who have tried at the store have also left him. Impressed! Sincerely recommend everyone, you must try this tea (please)! It is a selection we have selected from nearly 40 types of Kenyan black tea. [ brewing method] ※ Hot bubble - single drink 1. Warm the teapot 2. Put the tea bag into the pot and add 450~500 CC about 95~100 degrees C hot water. 3. After immersing for 3~4 minutes, remove the tea bag. PS If your container is small (about 300C.C), soak it for about 1 minute and a half. ※Fresh milk tea 1. Put 2 tea bags into the pot and add 200~250C.C about 95~100 degrees C hot water. 2. Soak for 5~10 minutes, soak the tea soup to black and red (not to drink alone) 3. You can first heat the fresh milk and pour it into the tea soup according to your personal preference. (Fresh milk will be more fragrant, avoiding the temperature of the tea is reduced) PS. (1) Add a little brown sugar or two sand, the fruit aroma will be better ^_^ (2) If you like a rich taste, it is recommended to cook milk tea in a pot. (3) Before making chilled milk tea, add a little sugar to enhance the tea that is locked at low temperature. Fragrant, black tea tea soup in case of ice or put into the refrigerator, there will be emulsification, tea soup slightly white turbid is normal! Name of Product: African Kenya Black Tea Weight: 3g / bag Quantity: 1. Volume package 40, price $400 2. Small square cans for 10, price $150 Origin: Africa ◆ Kenya


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