Tao Zongfang│Old Rock Mud Tea Set

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Tea makers make it very interesting to make good tea and tea.



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Tao Zongfang│Old Rock Mud Tea Set


Tea-making, for busy modern people, often appears to be timeless, troublesome, and out of reach.
Because of this sense of distance, most people would rather buy a cup of hand-drinking beer or go to a convenience store to buy a can of tea.
As a result, the tea workshops that have always wanted to make tea culture and tea life more comfortable and more interesting are inspired by the tea-making apparatus in the ancient Song Dynasty tea-making method. It takes nearly one year to think about how to make it suitable for modern people. The "Old Rock Mud Teater" is in demand, and it is time to gather for tea and share the good times.


product features:
1. Combination of East and West Design
The millennium tea cultural elements were captured and the round outline of the tea grinders in the Song Dynasty was preserved, and the design and improvement of the depths of the trenches on the upper and lower plates were repeated several times.
The tea leaves are ground to the most appropriate thickness, releasing the most mellow aroma of the tea, and blending western hand punches to transform the tea into new life.
2. Song Dynasty tea method
Tea Grinding is one of the tea sets popular for the Song Dynasty “point tea” method. It is often tough stone. The “tea-making method” uses a tea mill to grind the tea and loose tea into powder, which is then beaten into soup together with boiling water.
"Tea Sets for Teaches" is a collection of tea tea sets made in the Song Dynasty. The book says that the central axis of tea and ink structures is straight, and that the tea can be ground by grinding the grooves.
3. Tea Grinding - Making Tea More Fun
Different from the potting method of tea flavor, starting from grinding tea leaves, feeling the tea fragrance caused by the friction and rising of tea leaves, and then grinding the tea powder, with the old stone mud pot, tea sea cup, tea drain And other utensils, rushing to bring out the aroma and taste of tea.
4. Taiwan's unique old rock mud material
The exclusive “Old Rock Mud” muds are exclusively made by high-temperature redox firing at 1250 degrees. Each piece has a special color and texture.
The texture is like maifan stone, which can transform the water quality and used to hold tea soup. It can highlight the strong and rich flavor.


How to use
(1) Placement: Place non-slip table mats and tablecloths on the tabletop first, and then put on the relevant tea making appliances such as tea strainer and tea brush, teaspoon.
(2) Placement of tea leaves: The original leaf tea is placed in the axis of the tea grinder, and the amount of tea leaves is presented in a hillock shape.
(3) Grinding: Gently shake the handle and grind 1 or 2 rounds in the direction of the arrows on the top plate of the tea grinder. After the tea leaves heat up, the clear aroma can be released.
(4) Warming: Use hot water to boil the pot, teaspoon, tea sea cup, tea drain, cup and other utensils inside and outside, wipe and use.
It is helpful to maintain the temperature of the tea when it is brewed and maintain the aroma of the tea soup.
(5) Set the end of the tea: Collect the tea powder on the tea grinder through the tea brush and place it in the tea and tea pot.
(6) Put the tea in the end: Place the filter cup on top of the tea sea cup, place the filter paper, and then use the wooden spoon to take 2 tea spoons and put it into the filter bowl.
(7) Heated water/cooked hot water: hand-washed pots are recommended to use boiled water and then add hot water to use; it can also be cooked directly in direct fire,
Due to the one-piece design, when taking the lid, please pay attention to the high temperature of the kettle button. Do not touch the kettle button directly by hand.
(8) Round water injection: Inject approximately 200 c.c. boiling water (brewing temperature varies depending on the characteristics of the tea product).
Slowly inject water from the center of the filter bowl and out of the circle.
(9) Wait about 2 minutes: The cup of tea in the filter cup will drip about 1 to 2 minutes, then you can enjoy a cup of tea.
In addition, if there is a need for sharing, tea cups can be used to share tea with friends.


Felt tea storage bag (Fiber artificial felt, tea brush, teaspoon, tea charge, anti slip pad)


Product size/weight/capacity:
Tea Grinder: 235X(h)240mm / 5.82kg
Felt tea storage bag:205x80x10mm
Tea brush (rubber wood, bristle hair): 180x22x22mm
Teaspoon (bamboo): 190x28x10mm
Tea Holland: 95x70x32mm
Anti-slip pad: 30x45cm
Quantity: Old rock tea grinder X1, wood tea brush X1, bamboo tea spoon X1, tea charge X1, tea bag X1, anti-slip pad X1
Material: old mud, walnut

Maintenance method:
(1) Old rock tea grinder: After use, the brush can be used to clean the remaining powder in the groove. If the wooden handle is dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth.
(2) Tea Lotus: Wash as far as possible to avoid quenching and rapid heat, if the ceramic device is covered with dust, gently wipe with a soft cloth, or use a brush to lightly brush off the dust.
(3) Tea brush: After washing with water, spin dry, bristles up, dry naturally.
(4) Teaspoon: It is recommended to dry, dry, or dry after cleaning.
(5) Felt tea bag: tea, tea brush and teaspoon can be stored; use a damp cloth dampened with water to dry after the partial cleaning.


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