Pocket Miniature 1:12 Premium Beef Combo

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Anything Handcrafted
Anything Handcrafted
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Pocket Miniature 1:12 Premium Beef Combo


1:12 Premium Beef/Steak Combination | Pocket, Real Food A5 Wagyu in the pocket 1:12 The most advanced food feast for the beloved dolls and dolls (Simply selling meat products ~ excluding the chief male model "Iron Man" of Qiaoben Honpo!) https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52216098745_01b93f9f3f_h.jpg Under the leadership of Mr. Sherry, the "Shandong Honpo" team designs and creates works that lead us into the world of pocket art. Using hand-made materials that have been popular in Europe for more than 50 years, it is decorated with soft pottery kneading techniques and composite media. The exquisite details and rich color matching of the works are full of strong hand feel. As a home decoration, it is like a work of art, which is very worthy of your careful taste and appreciation. High-quality realistic pocket material, super professional hand-made, lead you into a different dream pocket world! 【Introduction to teachers and team】 Sherry Wen German Staedtler Japan Branch FCC Organization Teacher Certification Fimo International Teacher Certification, the only female teacher in Taiwan with a full range of certification qualifications Lead the skillful creation of the Honpo team! Material: American soft clay Polymer Clay (PREMO), and 1:12 pocket realistic accessories (metal, dinner plate, wood, porcelain, glass, paper...etc.) //Maintenance method // The hand-made American soft pottery Polymer Clay (PREMO) is durable and easy to store, and is not afraid of moisture and light! Dust buildup can be gently swiped with a soft brush, its 1:12 realistic dinner plate wood china...and more, just like the real 1:1 world! ● Precautions ● ※The goods are purely handmade and will not be exactly the same as the photos! (but will try to be the same when making) ※All are handmade, the finished product will not be 100% the same, if you don't mind buying it again^^ ※It is made by hand and carefully, suitable for pocket house decoration, healing viewing, and careful inspection with a magnifying glass //A little note about packaging and collection // @Commodities are packed in exclusive boxes, there will be museum glue below to fix them, you can move and fix them at will! @Each single item is glued together with white glue to form a small situational scene. If you want~ you can pull it out carefully and skillfully, and you can play or decorate it alone! @If you want to maintain the original decoration, but it is dropped during the delivery process, you can glue it back by yourself!


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1:12 Pocket Real Food, Handmade. For collection, doll house, doll scene use. American soft clay Polymer Clay (Oven Bake Clay) is kneaded. For a 1:12 scale dollhouse


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